Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some very sad and belated "news."

I had lunch at Aunt B's today. I've been cutting back on  the frequency of my eating out for the last couple of months in an effort to shed some weight.

At the register, I overheard a conversation which led to my discovering that my friend, Cathy Gentry, co-owner of Aunt B's, had a serious cerebro-vasciular accident, or stroke, while working in the restaurant back on January 15th.

She was rushed to Shands and has been there ever since. I understand that they subsequently discovered that her right carotid artery was 100% blocked! I'm told she had a fairly large frontal lobe stroke in the restaurant, then another, smaller, occipital lobe stroke at the hospital. She has left side hemiparalysis, but her right side was unaffected.

The good news is that Shands has a renowned stroke program, headed by my neurologist, Dr. Scott Silliman, who is top notch.

Her dad told me she is now in the stroke rehab unit at Shands.

I'm sure all of her many friends and customers will be praying for her. While cards and letters will surely be appreciated, might I suggest that you also consider a couple of more trips to  Aunt B's than usual and telling the cashier "This one's for Cathy."

Kudos to Janie and the whole staff for pitching in to fill the large gap.

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