Friday, July 31, 2009

Camden Watchdog now has a very interesting Laurel Island feasability study posted on their website.

Georgia law on appealing a property tax assessment. Here's a link to the appeal form:

Looks like we'll have to wait a while to see who bought what at yesterday's Rayonnier land auction.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet Cojack.

Well, today I adopted a dog from the dog pound. He is a 2 year old half cocker spaniel and half Jack Russell terrier. The shelter named him Bullet. Animal control brought him in as a stray. I've renamed him Cojack. I'll probaly call him "CJ" for short. Man, this dog is mellow like a cocker but high energy and fast as greased lightning when the playful mood hits him. The good news is he is house broken, very friendly, and not a barker or a whiner. So far, he hasn't torn anything up even though I left him alone for about an hour this evening to go out to eat and go shopping. Here's a link to his picture: Oh, by the way, I passed by Raidas tonight at about 7:00 then again at 7:30. Their parking lot was packed both times - which may or may not be a good sign.

Yet another of the green eco-weenies' mythic shibboleths thoroughly debunked!

Now, if only Camden can catch up with the rest of the state!

FLASH: Georgia wood stork nest count down: evil MAN is NOT TO BLAME!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Okay, I'm back.

First, let me dispense with my trip to Raidas Asian Cafe & Restaurant. Where is it? Officially, at 1891 Hwy 40 East, Suite 110. Worthless, right? Okay, you know where St. Johns Seafood & Steak is, right? Where you turn off of Hwy 40 just west of there and cross the railroad tracks, instead of turning left to St. Johns, turn right to Raidas. It's where the ill-conceived and consequently ill-fated coffee shop was most recently. Then, before that it was the ice cream shop which charged huge mark-ups on the very same Blue Bell ice cream you could get by the gallon at the grocery store. Okay, apparently, this place is owned by the same folks who owned the now defunct Dynasty Chinese Restaurant down across from Winn Dixie. Here's the skinny on the name: I believe they just opened last Thursday night. I went there after the city council meeting. When I arrived, there were two booths with two people each who were just leaving. There was a large party of 6 adults and one screaming child in desperate need of a serious ass whooping (he was answering every admonishment from his mother with "I hate you"). There were two more folks in a booth who came in 5 minutes after me. Thye got there food ten minutes BEFORE I did, by the way.There was the Chinese wife of the family that owns it running the register. There were two occidental waitresses, one occidental dish washer, and three Chinese male cooks in the kitchen. I ordered my meal at 8:15 PM. Not a scrap of food was placed in front of me until 8:50 PM. I had at least 6 apologetic explanations that my food was on the way and that the cooks had just "gotten way behind" from both waitresses. Now, how, you may wonder, could three cooks woking their brains out get so behind with so few customers. That was undoubtedly because of the steady stream of customers coming in to pick up to-go orders they had phoned in. Apparently, these were people who had been there at some point during the previous 3 days they were open and had picked up to-go menus. The food was good (though strangely, there were not nearly enough vegetables thrown into the wok with the HUGE amount of pork). The white rice was cooked nicely, but cold. Clearly, these folks are having a problem gelling in the kitchen. I saw one older Chinese guy in a complete chef's outfit including white hat. The other two were younger guys (all were fluent in Chinese - a good sign). I suspect they had nowhere near the experience of the older guy who was probably pulling way more than his share of the load. I don't think these guys need a visit from Chef Ramsay - yet. They just need time to work out a few kinks. Like the party of six adults and one kid ordered about every kind of fried rice imaginable. It was weird to watch the waitress make six consecutive trips, each about 5 minutes apart, with six different plates of fried rice served separately as they came out of the wok. This same thing happened at the other tables. I asked for shrimp roll appetizers. "Sorry, we're out of those but we should have some more in about a week." Ditto for spring rolls. They need time to get a feel for their proper stockage levels in their food orders. They may also need to re-think whether they want to be both a sit-down AND a take out restaurant versus one or the other. My advice: give them about a month to get their act together before you try them. That's what I'm going to do before I write a serious review. Last night's city council meeting. There were a number of impassioned speakers in favor of maintaining the Gilman Park Bait Shop as a bait shop versus a welcome center for passing yachtsmen. Former councilman Joe Riggins spoke out for it, as did a fellow who crabs for a living (forgot his name) and Jim Stein at some length. Jim went on at some length about the importance of knowing how to keep bait shrimp frisky and implied that by the time they got handled many times on their way to Reef Donkey bait shop (though he did not mention it by name) they would turn out to be kind of "whimpy" shrimp that a self-respecting fish would turn his nose up at. I'm sure Jim did not know (and probably would not have cared anyway) that the rather, as it turned out, thuggish young owner of Reef Donkey was in the audience. He stormed up to the podium and all but cussed Jim out. Lets put it this way: he spewed out enough fighting words that if Jim had been 40 years younger, it would have probably been a real good thing that there was a police officer there. A couple of guys spoke out for the yacht club. There was some discussion of that deal I talked about earlier where the DDA is interested in giving permanent financing to that supposed counseling firm that wants to locate downtown. Now get a load of this: it turns out that the building that this outfit wants a DDA loan to buy and refurbish is none other than Kyle Lewis' old hardware store which, so far as I know, Kyle still owns. (Correction: I've been informed by a reader that Kyle sold the building in 2002.) While Kyle is not actually on the board of the Downtown Development Authority, he is on the board of the St. Marys Development Authority. He's still got the knack. From no-bid hardware sales, to sign installations by a city crew, to a low interest loan to buy his building. Nice. As to this morning's meeting of the Camden Partnership, Inc., I've got some reading up to do on them first. I'll put out something tomorrow, if Gordon Jackson, who was also there, does not beat me to it. For now, I'll just tell you that the rumor that several groups were going to merge under one umbrella organization was a false one. Oh, yeah, I did not find a dog today, but I did get their paperwork to read and fill out. They're not cheap! I'm really kind of thinking about spending just a little more and buying the kind of dog I want without the third degree and the dictates.

Oh, Big Brother!

As if public schools were not already in dire financial straits, now comes this Georgia Supreme Court ruling!

Green eco-weenies impede Naval Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) readiness training.

Gee, ya think!?

The top three reasons you should check back later this afternoon:

1. I went to the St. Marys City Council meeting last night and took notes. 2. After that, I went and ate at Raida's Asian Restaurant and made mental notes. 3. This morning, at 8:00 AM, I attended a special called meeting of The Camden Partnership at the Chamber of Commerce and took notes. However, right now, I have to go see a man about a dog. No, really: I'm going to drop by the Camden County Humane Society Shelter and see if an old guy in a wheelchair has to jump through hoops or sit up and beg to qualify to adopt a dog. After that, I've got a few errands to run, but I would suggest you check back at 5:00 PM (or 1700 HRS).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chamber of Commerce to host activists' summit at 8:00 AM tomorrow.

I'll give credit where credit is due: I picked this up at TOPIX. I've confirmed the story, but I will not say how, lest I get someone into hot water. Here are some of the likely attendees:Camden Partnership, Camden Action Group, Camden County Chamber of Commerce, Camden County Joint Development Authority and St. Marys DDA. The meeting arrangements were just finalized Friday. If you're interested, the meeting will take place at the Camden Chamber of Commerce office which I'm told is up in the "breezeway" close to where Calico's eatery used to be (sorry to hear they've closed) in the back right corner of the old Walmart shopping center in St. Marys. Does anyone have any more info on this? 1407 HRS: This additional info just in: It's a special called meeting of The Camden Partnership. Agenda items include election of president, fundraising and consolidation of Camden Partnership/Community Action Group and the Military Community Committee. I believe, from some other reading, that this proposed consolidation may have been initiated by the new JDA Director, David Keating.

Note to St. Marys DDA: SBA loan defaults way up in S.E. Georgia.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RED ALERT: Do you know where your wallet is? Cosmic Whoopies in search of tax payer funding!

Read the previous post about tomorrow night's city council meeting, particularly the part I highlighted in red. I have just Googled the outfit that is looking for the tax payer guaranteed, low-interest loan. You're gonna love this. First, it was the insidious, ingratiating attack of the Green Eco-Weenies. I should have known that the New-Age, Cosmic Whoopies would not be far behind. Pay particular attention to the bio on one Judy Rath. Yeah, no doubt they will be a raging success and be able to repay their loan in short order, what with all of the industries we have here with hip, with it, New Age executives. Are the downtowners drinking the same water they sell to the rest of us?

St. Marys City Council Meeting tomorrow night.

"Consent agenda" meeting at 5:30; regular session at 6:00 PM. Link to full agenda: Interesting items: Old business: A. AIRPORT LEASE.......................................................................................TAB "A" To enter into a lease agreement with the Airport Authority ("Authority") as lessee of the St Marys Airport property. B. BAIT SHOP: UPDATE/DIRECTION ..............................................................TAB "B" To discuss issues concerning Bait Shop New business: D. Downtown District Redevelopment Loan Fund-DDA……………….TAB "F" Resolution of support for the DDA and Family Matters Counseling of Coastal Georgia, Inc. to apply for a Downtown District Redevelopment Loan Fund What you need to know about agenda item D: Once you read this, I think you will begin to understand why the city not too long ago expanded the area defined as "downtown" and why the downtown crowd has mobilized in typical dog-in-the-manger fashion against the latest TAD request. Remember, St. Marys City government is owned and operated for the exclusive benefit of the downtown crowd. Watch how one week after the TAD meeting, the downtowners' concerns about public liability for a loan repayment will vaporize as they rally in support of this program. More info:

Sunday Funnies; Volume 74

Note: This one is not "dedicated" to anyone in particular. Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX (because they are plugged into a genius) ----------------------------------------------2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) ----------------------------------------------- 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) -----------------------------------------------4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (censored)----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) ---------------------------------------------- 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) ----------------------------------------------- 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ----------------------------------------------- ( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) ----------------------------------------------- And the personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) ----------------------------------------------- Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your heart...Then you are just an old sour fart! ----------------------------------------------- One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his sweat-shirt seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, 'What setting do I use on the washing machine?' 'It depends,' I replied. 'What does it say on your shirt?' He yelled back, ' University of Oklahoma .' And they say blondes are dumb... --------------------------------------------- A couple is lying in bed. The man says, 'I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world.'The woman replies, 'I'll miss you...'----------------------------------------------- 'It's just too hot to wear clothes today,' Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, 'honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?' 'Probably that I married you for your money,' she replied.----------------------------------------------- Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? A: A rumor------- --------------------------------------- Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom to understand my man; Love to forgive him; And Patience for his moods. Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength, I'll beat him to death. AMEN---------------------------------------------- Q: Why do little boys whine? A: They are practicing to be men----------------------------------------------Q: What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name? A: You did not hold the pillow down long enough.---------------------------------------------- Q: How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail? A: Rename the mail folder 'Instruction Manual.'


Meanwhile, Kingsland quietly moves ahead.

Have y'all noticed that absent any group of downtowner experts, activists, and obstructionists, Kingsland just keeps plugging along, doing one sensible thing after another?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Will Rogero Rillo run?

Word on the street is that Rogero (or Rogillio, I forget)"Roger" Rillo (pronounced REE YO) has gotten the nod this time around to run as the approved candidate to look out for the narrow financial interests of the St. Marys downtown crowd, per se, and the DMA in particular. From some subtle signs I picked up on down at the TAD meeting Monday night, I suspect that that is actually the case. Does anyone have any more credible intelligence on this one? Any idea what post (incumbent) he is most likely to run for / against ?

Armadillo invasion: any suggestions?

Well, yesterday, a neighborhood kid did a bang-up job on my lawn. It looked so good that last night, a damned armdillo couldn't resist digging it up looking for grub worms or mole crickets, I suppose. I don't think I have either, which probably explains why he gave it up after about a dozen test holes. Is there any kind of a product that will discourage them?

Uh huh.,2933,534753,00.html?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a16:g2:r4:c0.115773:b26710666:z0

Sold on that federal "Cash for Clunkers" deal? Not so fast!

Nearly HALF of Chatham County's property values will DECREASE this year!

After a brief flirtation with the courage to post under her own name, Alex has now become "Moose" - a Canadian moose, no doubt.

Moose Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #134 1 hr ago Might I suggest that, unless he announces that he's running for Mayor, Council or Supreme Ruler of the Universe, everyone resist bringing up Moreno. Yes, he's vile. Yes, he attacks others and then refuses to post their rebuttal (despite what he says). Yes, he's as irritating as a 300lb sand gnat (about 310, actually). BUT...every time that people talk about him they're just giving him what he so desperately craves - attention - and we get diverted from the subject at hand: the proposed TAD and the crucial need for a change in our community's leaders. He's addicted to attention - don't "feed his habit".A few nights ago I spent an evening at a party with over 300 Camden County residents. Five people took a casual poll of 100 people (randomly chosen). Attendees ranged from State Reps to public works employees. 94 out of the 100 asked would NOT support a TAD to build Drury World.(Most then went on to talk about re-branding, the defeated Durango TAD, the airport issue etc). Yessir, Hell hath no fury.... At least one inquiring mind would like to know who was hosting and footing the bill for this "party" and what were the host's objectives?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Video of St. Marys City Council TAD meeting of 20 July now available.

For those who don't know me, I'm the fat, bald, bearded, fidgety guy in the the wheelchair and the blue striped shirt sitting next to Arlene Norris in the front row. I haven't yet viewed the whole tape, but if the quality is as good throughout as the first few minutes I've seen, you should be able to clearly see and hear who said what - including what the JDA Director, Mr. Keating, ACTUALLY said. When you get there, scroll down to the last entry, "July 20, 2009 City Council Meeting." Now go to the multi-colored "Windows Media" box on the right border and click on it. 1822 HRS: I've watched it now. It runs a little over two hours. As an extra treat for our readers who suffer from obsessional Jay Derangement Syndrome, a little over an hour in, I address the council at some length, instructing them on what they would have known (maybe) if they had actually read the applicable law before the meeeting.

Reassessment notices ostensibly "coming soon."

Reforms and new principals in place at the chaotic jungle formerly known as Savannah High.

Debunking the specious innuendos of yet another annonymous coward afflicted with Jay Derangement Syndrome.

Anno Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #20 12 hrs ago Just in case Bhudda, does not post this on his blog, which I just submited, I think the voting public should know.I thought you were a Vietnam veteran that is what you claim on your blog. So are you a Vietnam veteran, or a Vietnam “ERA” veteran. Big difference don’t you think? From your resume on this very thread, you said “I was never stationed aboard ship -I was ALWAYS with the Marines.Additionally, I inspected ships for U.S. Quarantine for 20 years. We used "HRS" as did all civilian ship's captains and shipping agents.” Then you went on to say, afer a land shore duty question.“ Yep, except for a few short floats on gator freighters for amphibious landing exercises in amtraks.” So do we have some truth telling to do? The voting public wants to know!! Dear Despicable Coward, The decent public should know that you got this as a comment on my post on Mangos to try to counteract any good will which my excellent review might have engendered towards me. I understand that your pitiable affliction and accurate feelings of inferiority compelled you to do so. Folks, the opinion of this vermin matters not, but it is important that such cowardly attacks not go unchallenged. Here are the facts. I joined the regular Navy, voluntarily, in January of 1966. On the "120 day delay program," I reported for active duty of 26 May 66. After boot camp at Great Lakes, I went straight to Hospital Corps "A" School, which I had requested. From there, I went straight to the Marine base at Camp LeJuene, N.C. for 5 weeks of Class "C" school training at the Field Medical Service School after which I had the unshakable NEC (Navy Enlisted Code) of 8404, Field Medical Service Technician (i.e., a "medic" [though we did not use that term] qualified for combat duty with the USMC). From there, I went to U.S. naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC, where I was assigned for six months to the SOQ (sick officers' quarters - the floor that treated hospitalized officers). From there, at the rank of HN (E-3), I was assigned to Delta Medical Company, 5th Medical Battalion, 5th Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California, arriving in September of 1967. In January and February, while still stationed at Camp Pendleton, after base-wide competitive testing, I was selected to fill one TAD (temporary additional duty) slot for Vietnamese Language School at MCAS, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, with the 1st Marine Interrogation / Translation Team. I made HM3 (E-4) about that time. In October of 1969, I reported to my new command, Force Logistics Command, at the main Marine supply base, Camp Booker, just north of DaNang. On the first day there, they were looking for volunteers to work in the Hoa Khann Children's Hospital, a USMC supported hospital built by Navy SeaBees and staffed with U.S. Navy Corpsmen, located just inside the base, just off of Hwy 1. With my training at Camp Pendleton in minor surgery and my Vietnamese language training, I was a natural, so I volunteered. I made HM2 shortly thereafter. For a photo of me serving there, click on this link: Now, arrow over to the last picture on the right. That is me in the white tee shirt. The Vietnamese "nurse" is a very bright young lady we called "Anna Nurse." After working 12 to 18 hour days, seven days per week, performing (no, not watching - actually performing) minor surgery on kids, I was rotated as part of normal 6 month, in-country rotation of corpsmen, to the forward combat base at Dong Ha, about 7 miles south of the DMZ and within artillery range from North Vietnam. When I got there , there was another corpsman, a short timer 1st Class, and a medical officer. About two months after my arrival, the HM1 rotated back stateside, they brought up a 3rd class from DaNang, called the medical officer back down to Quang Tri, and left me in charge, doing independent duty and responsible for the health and first aids needs of my 400 man unit, FLSG-Bravo (Force Logistics Support Group-B). In addition to sick call, we took turns riding along with the secuirty detail for logistics convoys all the way back down to DaNang and out west to LZ Stud (Vandegrif Combat Base.) Never shot at with small arms fire, but I did have some "interesting" times running around the base at night, driving my old Willys jeep ambulance - the last of its kind in the command (and way better than those sorry Ford-made jeep knockoffs) while rockets and mortars were still falling and treating and transporting wounded Marines. We also did weekly MEDCAPS (Medical Civic Action Program) trips out into the nearby villages or to the Dong Ha orphanage where we held civilian sick call. We once even gave a huge shot of penicillin to the village chief's water buffalo cow that was nursing a calf. The cow had a big infected cut on her leg that was making the calf sick via the milk. In November of 1969, I rotated stateside. After 30 days leave at home in Savannah, I was stationed about 40 miles away at MCRD, Parris Island. I was discharged in January of 1970 as an HM2. About a month later, I joined the local Naval Reserve Unit. About two years later, with 6 years Time-In-Service, I made HM1 (E-6) on the first try. I later went on to make HMC (Chief Petty Officer, E-7.) After that, I was stymied on promotions because of "weight control," although I was otherwise a straight "4-0 sailor." Of course, I now realize, in retrospect, that I was fighting a losing battle with "pre-diabetes." Drilled all the way through Desert Storm. I remember having my seabag packed and being a little disappointed when Marine Reserves and supporting corpsman were not called up. I was LCPO (Leading Chief Petty Officer) for a Marine support unit (4th FSSG) drilling in Macon at the time. My other two reserve assignments were to a Marine "beachmaster" unit in Savannah, and amtraks out at NAS, Jax. So, you see, Despicable Coward, I was in the Navy, and I was IN Vietnam (no disrespect to Vietnam era veterans). During my service in the reserves, I did have a contract with U.S. Quarantine to inspsect ships at all ports from Port Canaveral at the south end of my territory all the way to Georgetown, S.C., at the north end. Moreover, that was a part -time enterprise as a private contractor which allowed me a 20 year concurrent, full-time career in insurance and real estate. Oh, and when you are part of a Marine unit that is conducting amphibious landing exercises, you are ON the gator freighters, but yo are not part of the ship's crew. Ergo, my statement is correct. Heretofore, Sir, you were merely a cowardly, obsessed ass. Now, you are a thoroughly discredited ass! Congratulations.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mangos! Que magnifico!

Click on images to enlarge.
Okay, folks let me give it to you straight. When it comes to American, Southern home cooking, Aunt B's is the undisputed champ. Having said that, if you divide the choices in Camden into Aunt B's and "all others," my current belief is that Mangos may very well be at the very pinnacle of "all others." You definitely want to try this place at your very earliest opportunity. Your only regret will be that you can't try some of everything on the menu during your first visit. But be patient: you will be back many times.
I arrived today at 1300 HRS for my first visit. The dining area is cozy, but the owner was very helpful in moving a table or two to accommodate me in my wheelchair. He had no clue who I was, by the way. As you can see from the menu, the place has a heavy Cuban and a slight Mexican influence. What may not jump out at you is that the owner(s?) are from Venezuela. Picking up on the Cuban influence from some of the menu items and knowing the epic and legendary Cuban love affair with puerca,
I opted for the Pernil (see "Pork"). Oh, man! Those generous, slow -roasted chunks of pork had obviously been thoroughly marinated in an exceedingly tasty, tangy, marinade, then roasted to tender, juicy perfection with just a hint of crispiness on the outside. It was served with generous helpings of fluffy white rice, black beans, and fried plantains.
In the middle of the plate was a dollop of delicious pico de gallo from very fresh ingredients. There was also a fist-sized chunk of great Cuban bread basted in seasoned butter then toasted. The beans and rice were neither cooked together nor served one atop the other, but side-by-side. The black beans had been so thoroughly drained before plating that there was not a spec of black bean liquor on the plate. Moreover, the beans were cooked to just barely on the done side of al dente. They were delicious. This was all washed down with good, strong, iced tea. No doubt, many of the dishes on the menu would be great with an ice-cold cerveza. Whatever you do and whatever you order, be very sure that your waitperson brings you a bottle of their proprietary "green sauce" (they're working on a name for it). This should in no way be confused with the salsa verde you may have dipped your chips in at a Mexican restaurant. This sauce has ZERO Scoville units.
The recipe is a secret, but I think that it may be a combination of buttermilk, mayo, sour cream, pureed cucumbers, and very finely chopped cilantro in moderation. It is so good and you will be amazed to learn that it is good with virtually everything on your plate! Oh, and those sweet, fried, plantains are delicious with that tangy pork. Oh, yeah, the ambiance: the food is so delicious and the service and prices so good that you would hardly care, but the good news is that it is nice. You would definitely score major points taking a date there - even an "Obama date." Small; cozy; most tables have white linen; tastefully decorated - not a sombrero, pinata, or plaster toreador and bull anywhere in sight. Just tasteful artwork and a huge defunct clock on the wall. A small bar with a sizable wine rack in the corner. They don't push the booze on you either. I entered the place at 1300 and was eating by 1312. Don't miss this one: it is definitely a winner and a keeper. They will do quite well. Oops! I forgot to tell y'all where it is. Take Hwy 40 to Gross Rd. Turn north onto Gross Road. Turn left at the first driveway beyond the Coastal Bank. It's in that long brick building back off of the road a ways. They have limited, but well marked and well sized disabled parking.

State's teachers up-in-arms over governor's furlough plans.

Something useful comes to Georgia from New York!

Translation: Kingfish is pissed because the Watchdogs wisely froze Kingfish out from the beginning.

sandy feller Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #8 18 hrs ago In reality wrote: The Camden Watchdog is a chihuahua. Running around yapping and snapping at peoples heels, but not a real threat to anyone or anything. Remember one of the ring leaders of the tea party was Bert Guy. It's a great trick those lawyers pull. They get everyone worked up so they can get a fee for filing lawsuits. He's learned from the best, slippery Stein. (Feller's response) i believe that u will find that bert guy is a resident of the area that was assessed with those big numbers. he is an official of the georgia republican party. jim stein is also an activist of the republican party and bert guy's law partner. the camden watchdog comm. is new. new civic groups make mistakes. time will tell if they are a taxpayer group or just one with a self serving agenda.

Another chapter in the anti-capitalist, green eco-weenie chronicles.

This time, we have a little "environmental racism" thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yes, Jay does know it.

Jay knows that this proves that Kingfish Feller has either never read the TAD law or no longer has the mental acuity to comprehend what he is reading. sandy feller Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #87 1 hr ago a few answers. re water and sewer. city approached PSA. They (PSA) floated bond issue for St Marys to finance bond issue after guarantee by St. Marys that they would be responsible. this is the way the city bypassed the public re the bonds. they told bank bonds would be paid for by splost and building fees, as you know both money sources tanked. so the citizens are paying.Re the TAD board. the city council votes on the membership for the Tad board. I suppose they could name the JDA members if they wanted. i believe the term of office is 10 years. they would have the power tocontrol all monies, set up new TAD'S and would have emminent domain powers. the city council would have no power over the TAD board once they were appointed. how do you like them apples? Marion Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #88 1 hr ago Hold it. Does Jay know this? The facts - what the applicable law actually says: (b) Any delegation of redevelopment powers pursuant to the authority of subsection (a) of this Code section shall be limited by the following requirements: (1) Any redevelopment plan must be approved by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision as a condition precedent to the implementation of said redevelopment plan, and such approval shall be subject to the requirements of Code Section 36-44-7; (2) The boundaries of any redevelopment area must be described by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (3) A tax allocation district must be created by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (4) The issuance of any tax allocation bonds shall be by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (5) The power of eminent domain may only be exercised under this chapter by the local legislative body of a political subdivision; and (6) A local legislative body may not delegate to a redevelopment agency created under subsection (b), (c), (d), or (e) of Code Section 36-44-4 any urban redevelopment project powers except those which may be conferred on an urban redevelopment agency under Code Section 36-61-17 of the "Urban Redevelopment Law." There, highlighted in red, is the actual Georgia law which specifically denies eminent domain powers to a TAD Authority created by city council. Folks, it is a fact that Mr. Feller often plays fast 'n' loose with the facts. Whether it is by knowing design or from genuine incompetence, I'll leave it to the readers to decide.

As usual, Mr. Marion Wall of Kingsland GA, AKA "Church Lady" is both an idiot and a damnable liar.

Marion Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #84 9 min ago Politics wrote: Here's what prompted that lively discussion. He could'nt believe the JDA would entertain such a concept.Important POINT he makes: "The clean way to do it, to avoid the eminent domain issue, is to create a new TAD Authority for no other purpose than to administer the governmental unit's issued TAD." He's actually right about this. But they would never do it this way.Jays exact statement:"different jurisdictions can and do use their existing Housing Authorities or Development Authorities. However, the clean way to do it, to avoid the eminent domain issue, is to create a new TAD Authority for no other purpose than to administer the governmental unit's issued TADs.Why would our COUNTY JDA administer a CITY TAD? When I get a call back from David Keating, I'll let you know the Camden JDA's involvement in this, if any.July 22, 2009 9:34 AM The lastest lie of the idiot Marion Wall: "so Moreno supports a TAD." Anyone who has been following my writings on this knows that is a deliberate falsehood.

Did I not warn that the imported Earthkeeping, green, eco weenie types would join forces with the local dog-in-the-manger, anti-progress crowd?

Merlin Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #77 5 hrs ago Judged: 1 1 1 David Lang is Tidewater's COO. According to him, Deutsche Bank provided a $37 million loan for Phase I of the Laurel Island project. The company had planned to borrow $200 million for the first two phases and raise capital through property sales. Lang estimates development costs at $450 million. The value at build-out could reach $4 billion, Drury says.The grand plan has several elements. "We have 50 acres on a little piece called Drizzle Bluff," says Lang. It occupies 1,500 linear feet along the Crooked River on the mainland, where Tidewater plans to dry-stack boats. A 450-slip marina is planned on Laurel Island. Altogether, Drury has proposed developing 4,000 acres, including the 2,000 on Laurel Island. Again I ask...where are the EIS (Environmental Impact Study) from the Dept. of the Interior and others? Does he even have a USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) 404 permit? (Wetlands) Is his plan to have a TAD created and THEN seek permission to do this? If permission is denied what, then, of the TAD?(And as always it's the same players that take the stage (and lurk behind it) whether it be this TAD or the airport issue: Deloughy, Weaver, Hase, the JDA and the Camden Partnership). Can anyone fill me in on how far along the legal process Drury's Dream is? (Translation: Is it too late to hold out hope of finding an endangered sand gnat specie on the ilsand so we can kill the deal and keep man off of the island in perpetuity?) Drury also shopped his concept in Europe, where the strong euro makes U.S. property a bargain. Two groups of Germans flew to Georgia, but by mid-May 2008 no lots had been sold. "We're putting together marketing plans," states Drury. He's desperate...and St. Marys is an easy target. What the heck...the Germans aren't even interested, Kingsland passed, but we'll leap on the tax bandwagon. Even Drury, in his letter to the Camden Watchdogs, says "the economy is horrible" - so where are all of these "boomers-sans-kids" who are willing to pay $700,000 per LOT going to come from? Once again, St. Marys will leap - and then be stuck with a go-nowhere project. Drury's been flogging this horse around the world and now, due to his "emotional connections" to St. Marys he's using us as a last resort (pardon the pun).

Another example of how the knee-jerk opponents of any economic progress in Camden not benefitting a GOB will distort the truth:

Here is what the disngenuous opponent opted to post on TOPIX. BEWARE Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #81 12 min ago Politics wrote: Yes, the JDA is on board..... Hmmmmmm, I think Mr. Keating knows what Politics is talking about.Jay Moreno said... Okay, it's 1418 HRS, Wednesday, 7/22. I just got off of the phone with David Keating, Executuve Director of the JDA. He informed my that the JDA is one of the entities that COULD legally be tapped to administer the laurel Island TAD, but has neither been approached to nor agreed to. Moreover, the JDA does not have any eminent domain powers. Now, let's compare that edited version to the totality of my comment: Jay Moreno said... Okay, it's 1418 HRS, Wednesday, 7/22. I just got off of the phone with David Keating, Executuve Director of the JDA. He informed my that the JDA is one of the entities that COULD legally be tapped to administer the laurel Island TAD, but has neither been approached to nor agreed to. Moreover, the JDA does not have any eminent domain powers.My personal preference, assuming that after all the negotiations are done, this thing looks like a risk worth taking and gets by the referendum, is tha ther city create a new St. Marys TAD Authority.As to the question of the JDA being involved in something to do with the old mill property: yes, they are. They had a regular JDA meeting (which slipped by me) this past Friday. The minutes are available at their office, but not yet on line. Thye are discussing a "public-private partnership" with the JDA, the St. Marys DDA, and the Durango bankruptcy trustee.The trustee would be tghe "private" party. They would enlist other ptrivate partners. The goal is to re-develop the mill property. The belly-up developers who had the first go at it would not be in the mix. A TAD or a similar arrangement called a PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) might be utilized in redeveloping the mill, with public approval by referendum - that is, assuming that a TAD Authority has not previously been established for some other initial St. Marys TAD.I'm not as alarmed by this as some. By the time any plans are firm enough to vote on, be it the voters at large or city council votong on it, we should know whether or not the economy has come back and how strong.Another thing: in Gordon Jackson's coverage of the TAD meeting, he wrote that Keating was a supporter of Drury's request for a Laurel Island TAD. He pointed out to me today that what he actually said was that he was not there for the purpose of endorsing the TAD, but only to state that TADs are a powerful developent tool and have been used very successfully in other parts of Georgia. I was sitting about 3 feet from him when he said it and that conforms perfectly with my recollection of his comments as well. July 22, 2009 2:34 PM "Beware," indeed. Apparently, lying by commissiomn or ,as in this case, omission, is SOP for these folks.

My original report on Monday's TAD meeting.

Comments continue to come in. Here is the link or you can hit "Older Posts" and go back one page.

In Savannah, world's 3rd largest producer of titanium dioxide to lay off over 50% of employees. Side note: When I was an inspecttor for U.S. Quarantine, I sometimes inspected bulk carriers (ships) at their dock loaded with the raw mineral material. It is the blackest black you will ever see, yet the finished product is a brilliant white.

Oh, they're working their way down to you, Bill!

As Kingfish sees it....

sandy feller Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #66 1 hr ago Amy wrote: Well so far by by count Jay has endorsed a E-SPLOST tax increase by the school board, a millage rate increase to fund the operations of Sheriff's Office, has endorsed the raising of employee contributions on health care, and now is endorsing the TAD proposal by another developer who doesn't have the sufficient funds to build his project. Are you starting to get a clear picture of the type of commissioner he would make if he decides to run for office? Question: Can we afford Jay Moreno in public office? (The Kingfish Feller response) no. it is unfortunate. years ago he wore a different set of stripes. now that ambition has set in he has attached himself to the so called movers and shakers. too bad. he could have made a contribution. (But)because he perceived me as his opponent in a race for dist. 4 and because i am perceived as a conservative he had to go the other way. not to mention that the developers, berry(,) and the movers and shakers (who) hate me convinced him to go to the dark side. Alex, I bet you did not know that I had gone over to the dark side of liberalism, now, did you?

In case you missed it....

Everything you need to know about qualifying to run for mayor or councilman in St. Marys upcoming election.

GTU coverage of Monday's TAD MOU meeting. One thing Gordon did not cover is the fact that even though the city will not reap the benefit of 100% of the tax revenues from the property until 40 years or when the bonds are paid in full, whichever comes sooner, the city will be able to apply its millage rate (as will the county and school board) against the the base value of the property (as determined by the state) as of the day before the TAD becomes effective, for the entirety of the TAD's existence, and put those revenues into the general fund. The entirety of the TAD will be taxed at whatever the three millage rates are in each of the 40 years. Approving a TAD does not "fix" the millage RATE on the property. Moreover, if the project is a big success and the tax revenues on the incremental value in any one year exceeds the minimal debt service for that year, the city would have the option, under the law, of using the excess to retire the bonds early OR put the annual excess into the general fund. See the spread sheet predicting just that in my prior post on the subject.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Report on the Lilliput TAD MOU meeting.

Click on images to enlarge. By the way, in this first table below, you will see that if projections come true, it is not long before the annual incremental taxes exceed the annual debt service on the bonds. Under the law, the city could either opt to use those funds to pay off the bonds early OR put the excess annual taxes back into the general fund
Well, I just got back about 30 minutes ago from an awful dining experience at St. Johns Seafood and Steaks after spending 2 hours and twenty minutes at the TAD meeting. I went just to report, but when it became painfully obvious that the entirety of our elected officials, our city manager, and the Watchdog folks had either not actually read the law or had not understood what they did read, I found that I had to jump in for a quick tutorial. I'll give you the full scoop tomorrow. I just got off the phone with my dear friend and housekeeper, Sarah. She went in locally this morning for a stress test then unexpectedly had to go straight away to the Shands cath lab in Jax for a cardiac catheterization. The good news is no blockages. I'll miss her for the next few days, but I'm greatly relieved to know she's AOK. Update @ 1305 HRS on Tuesday, 7/21: After numerous interruptions this morning, I've finally finished reading all 86 pages of the proposed MOU. Let me get some lunch, do a little more research, then I'll get back to y'all. 1404 HRS. Here's a good TAD FAQ site: 1520 HRS: I just finished reading an excellent 82 page report on TADS in Georgia conducted by Georgia State University. I do blieve that this is that same study which Tom Cyphers, on behalf of Watchdogs, presented in voluminous hard copies to each of the elected officials, the city manager and attorney, the paid media reps, (1600 HRS. Just got off the phone with Chip Drury making sure that I had a perfect understanding of what he wants to do.) and Mr. Drury. 1617 HRS. Okay, folks, I'e been studying up on this business all day. I know my biggest readership is from 1700 to 1800 HRS, so I better get crackin'. The mayor and all city councilmen except Bird were there last night. So were the city manager and city attorney as well as the Public Works and Planning and Zoning directors. Once I get in 30 minutes early and get a front row seat, it is difficult for me to look back over my shoulder. I got the feeling it was well attended though. I know I saw Kingfish slink out early so he would not have to face me. Mercifully, he did not speak. Mr. Drury gave his presentation. Having read the law Saturday, I listened intently to see if anything he was putting out was at odds with the facts of the applicable state law. It was not. He was dead on honest and accurate. The only thing I remained a little dubious about at the end of his presentation was how in the world could an abandoned, ante bellum rice plantation qualify as a "redevelopment" project. I told him as much there in the meeting. However, in subsequent reading today, I've learned that the legislature has enthusiastically given developers and sponsoring cities and counties very wide lattitude which now convinces me that the current consensus intent of the legislature is such that neither Mr. Drury nor the city wil have any difficulty passing that sniff test. The problem he is going to have is educating the public on the true nature of TADS, per se, and his in particular, in time for a referendum this year. The first thing needed is to dispel some untruths that are still bouncing around from the last TAD attempt. Let's deal with the knee jerk opposition's claim that the authority created to handle this TAD (and any subsequent TADS ) will have the power of eminent domain. It will not. The only way that could happen would be if the council did not do its homework and used the existing Downtown Development Authority, which does have eminent domain powers. If they do it correctly, and set up a brand new TAD Authroity, the law specifically states that such an authority will NOT have eminent domain authority and goes on to state specifically that any such power which might be exercised in conjunction with a TAD will be reserved to the city (i.e. city council) and not exceed or differ from their regular powers of eminent domain. Moreover, there is no element of eminnet domain in the Laurel Island plan. You can read it for yourself. Moreover, Mr. Drury has said there is neither an interest nor a need. Okay, so how does a Tax Allocation District Work. Let's use Laurel Island for example. Right now, according to Mr. Drury, the property to be placed in the TAD generates a total of about $120,000 annually in property taxes. When the TAD is approved, the state will set a base value of the property for tax purpsoes. Let's say it is exactly the same 2008 valuation which now generates $120,000 in taxes. So, for the balance of the 40 years it takes to pay of all of the bonds (about which more shortly), the applicable current millage rates for the county, the school board, and, after anexation, St. Marys will be assessed against the base value. That value will not change for 40 years (or sooner if the debt is paid of early). But, as infrastructure is put into place and housing and commercial units are built and sold, the total value of the property will increase. The tax allocation district will be taxed upon the new TOTAL value every year. However, after the taxes are collected, the difference between the taxes generated by the base value and the added "incremental value" will be used to service the debt service on the bonds (pay them off). The bonds may be issued by the city so that the city may then give then entire $140,095,000 of bond proceeds to the developer up front (in seqeuntial disursements as he completes successive phases of the infrastructure). That money will come from the sale of the tax-exempt municipal bonds to private investors, i.e., the big pension funds like the one Drury mentioned last night. There is another method available under the law: the developer issues bonds himself, spends them as he gets them from sales of bonds (build-as-yo-go) then gets reimbursed annually to the extent that TAD incremental revenues exceed the base value revenues. As you can imagine, for Mr. Drury's project to go forward, he will need the version where the city issued the tax-favored municipal bonds so that he has the money up front. Remember, the $140,o95,000 is just for the necessary infrastructure to be put in place before he can go get additional private financing to build the actual homes and businesses. I'll post the list of such infrastructure costs here shortly. (See top of post). What are the city's obligations, so far as paying off the bonds? Well, legally, the city is NOT, I repeat NOT, obliged to pledge the "full faith and credit" of the city's general funds to the repayment of the debt. They are only legally obligated to first use the taxes generated within the TAD (by the way, that includes the county and school board taxes) by the incremental value. In any year that those funds are insufficient to pay the debt service, the city may legally use the TAD base generated taxes. If that is still insufficient, the city is NOT, I repeat, NOT, legally required to dip into the general fund to pay the debt service. Legally, the bond holders would just be out of luck. However, as a practical matter, if the city did not voluntarily cough up general funds to cover the debt service, the city's bond rating would take a hit. That would not be the case in the pay-as-you-go version, but that version would be a deal killer for any developer in todays market. Okay, it's 1700 HRS, so I'm posting what I have so far then continuing on. One thing I found interesting last night when Tom Cyphers got up to speak for the Watchdogs (after Winston Barlow made a very brief non-committal appearance and split for a "previous engagement") was that he questioned the provision of applicable law which says that any given governmental unit is limited in the TADs they can approve to no more than 10% of the community's real ad valorem tax revenues . In other words, if the base amount of taxes for the Laurel Island TAD is only $120,000 now, in order for it to use up the whole 10% allowance, the total tax revenues of St. Marys could be no more than $1.2 million. Clearly, we would be nowhere near the 10% limit if this TAD passes. I found it interesting because , A, Tom and the Watchdogs had misread that section of the law, and B, because I got the feeling that the downtown folks (The Watchdogs) have an interest in a wholly different redevelopement TAD of their own for downtown. If so, they are no doubt torn between shooting this one down (typical downtown dog-in-the-manger-syndrome) or seeing it pass so that they can more easily piggy back on it when a TAD Authority is already established. After Mr. Drury had made his presentation, replete with lots of expensive, large artist's concept watercolors and arial maps, the city councilmen all asked questions, seriatim, begining with Councilman Johnson and ending with Councilwoman Hase. Having read the law on TADs, it soon became obvious that no one on the council had. I think they were mostly just putting on a "due dilligence" dog-and-pony show for the rubes, especially DeLoughy and Weaver, who are both up for re-election. I could stand it no-longer. Like I said, I had originally come just to report, but I found myself giving the mayor and council a mini-seminar on just how the law actually read and what it actually meant. Both Drury - whom I had never laid eyes on or spoken to before that moment (a fact which, at my request, he confirmed for the council) and his "expert" on TADs he brought down from Atlanta, told me that my explanation was spot on accurate. I also had to educate the Watchdog rep, Tom Cyphers, on a few misreadings his group had as well. Okay, so what are the possible benefits versus the possible risks? Well, we now have way too much water and sewer capacity. You know we are having a bit of a tough time paying for it, as witnessed by the recent water / sewer rate increase in St. Marys. When and if enough homes in the development become water /sewer customers, the city could and should decrease our water/sewer rates for the ENTIRE city. During the 40 years before we would start realizing 100% of the property taxes in the TAD, we would be getting ever -increasing sales taxes from the residents and business owners. In fact, three cents on every dollar spent by new folks at Laurel Island (LOST, SPLOST, and ESPLOST). Building materials would be bought. Tradesmen and laborers would be hired to build it. At the end of 40 years, we would get all of the tax revenues from a projected 1.4 billion dollar development. We landlubbers might have a nice meal or an upscale shopping trip to the island from time-to-time. Okay, so what are the risks? First, abuse of eminent domain is not one of them, as I've already explained. This project would come nowhere near exhausting the "10% maximum" I discussed earlier. If the project precipitously went belly up, the TAD remains with the property. Anyone who came in behind Drury could not only pick up the slack as far as the developemt, but would be eligible to receive any remaining and as yet undisbursed bond funds. Oh, by the way, I don't believe Drury would get he whole $140 mil in one sum, I believe it gets doled out as phases of the infrastructure plan are completed. That helps limit exposure. At any rate, worst case scenario, if it goes to hell in a handbasket, you could be faced with the possibiltiy of a choice between the city defaulting on paying bonds or dipping into the general revenues to avoid a bad bond rating. I think those dire straights would be very unlikely. According to Chip Drury, in my conversation with him today, so far, no TAD project in Georgia has ever failed. Atlanta is eat-up with them. Drury last night proposed to have his own fire and police protection. Bill Shanahan pointed out to him that while he could have private security, Georgia law does not permit private police and fire forces within a city. As time wore on and it got close to build out, we might have to add and extra cop and car or two. No biggie. The increased LOST and SPLOST revenues and the ad valorem taxes onthe base amount should cover that. Oh, by the way, in the MOU, Drury agress that when he builds structures (i.e, hotel ) up to the 65 foot height limit, if need be he will buy an appropriate hook-an-ladder to put in the fire station he will also pay to build. Tom Cyphers brought up the question of funding more school children, given that the school board would also have to agree to give up taxes from within the TAD on all but the base amount. Drury's response was that these would be mostly older, empty -nesters buying these homes. He's no doubt right, but there might be a few younger professionals and trust fund babies who will be able to afford to live there. His estimate was, at buildout, 60 kids at most. Well, in my reading today, I discovered something that he either did not know or wanted to keep quiet about. Relevant Ga. law has been amended to allow the developer to use some of the TAD money he gets to VOLUNTARILY make annual per capita payments to the school system for every school-aged child living in his TAD for the first 40 years or until all the bonds are paid off, whichever comes sooner. If we install the water and sewer lines from their closest present point to his TAD and he goes belly up, we are stuck with lines producing no revenue. Moreover, there is the initial cost of putting in the lines. Solution: negotiate with him to either cost share or fund the pipes entirely. In conclusion (mercifully), my mind is still open on this one. At this point, barring no futher info to the contrary, I'm beginnig to think that the potential benefits might just justify the risks and that the risks, if handled properly by a competent authority with good counsel, could be held to a minimum. However, as I told Chip Drury this afternoon, he really has his work cut out for him. He not only has to explain this thing in undestandable terms via all possible local media, but he starts at a deficit by having to overcome the false propaganda put out by the usual, knee jerk, anti-progress, dog-in-the-manger types. Special message to Chip Drury: Chip, to really appreciate the kind of genuine misgivings and deliberate falsehoods you will have to overcome, click on this link: You should also follow:

And now this....

from the very same crazoid who maintians that I, with no criminal record of any kind, should be banned from teaching in Camden County! seapro Joined: Feb 23, 2009 Comments: 224 Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #30 2 hrs ago back then carol had alot going on and both were young. crime did not involve kids. they did their time. raised a good kid . and i would trust them to raise mine if i had too. judge them on teaching not on their past Click on this link fo the full context: Update, 7/20 @ 2128 HRS. Anonymous Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #11 2 hrs ago this wacko thinks he should be allowed to teach, because he has no criminal record. he has no criminal record because the new sheriff got his record expunged. Political promise went a long way for this whack job Not so, TOPIX bozo! The reason I have no record is because the charges were recognized as the perjury that they were in the futherance of a politically motivated false arrest. The DA dismissed the bogus charges at the time - 14 years ago. What Tommy helped me do was purge any record of my ever having been falsely arrested in that bogus arrest. There was no conviction to expunge. Hell, there was not even a trial, you idiot!

Assessors actually DOWNGRADE values of some Savannah neighborhoods! Meanwhile, does anyone have a clue what our assessors are up to?

Gov. Perdue to dedicate major regional rail service improvements Wednesday.

This is another arrow in the quiver of our new JDA director.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just a friendly reminder...

to Commissioners Rainer, Sears, Zell and all county employees: Your health insurance premiums will be raised in January now that you have been given "fair warning," right, commissioners?

So, is OUR Board of Assessors merely "considering" foreclosure sale prices or actually using them in their calculations?

Sunday Funnies; Volumne 73

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, the wars, global warming, my savings, Social Security, my credit card debt..... I called Lifeline. Got a freakin' call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They all got excited and asked if I could drive a truck.....

Legendary Oscar's mounted skeleton to go on display at Okefenokee.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

TAD meeting Monday night, Lilliput-By-The-Sea city council chamber at 5:00 PM

For your consideration in the meantime, here is a link to the proposed memorandum of understanding between Lilliput and Mr. Drury. Amazingly, they have actually attached as "Exhibit A" the very language from the O.C.G.A. which clearly shows that the proposed project does NOT QUALIFY as a redevelopment project under the law. Y'all can extoll the virtues of all-too-common "common sense" all you want to, but I still say that what we need are elected officials with sufficiently high IQs to indepenedently read and comprehend the laws of the State of Georgia as written.

The true skinny on the TAD issue.

Well, I've just finished about two hours of re-reading the entirety of the O.C.G.A. sections pertaining to TADS (go to Title 36, Chapter 44, Development Powers). First of all, the language makes it consistently, glaringly clear that the intent of the enabling legislation was REdevelopment. The following language is but a fraction of the supporting language throughout the entire chapter. � 36-44-8. Creation and implementation of tax allocation districts In order to create and carry out the purposes of a tax allocation district, the following steps are required: (1) Preparation by the redevelopment agency of a redevelopment plan for the proposed tax allocation district and its submission for consent to the political subdivision or board of education required to consent, if the plan proposes to include in the tax allocation increment ad valorem property taxes levied by a political subdivision or board of education required to consent to such inclusion under Code Section 36-44-9, or if the plan proposes to pledge for payment or security for payment of tax allocation bonds and other redevelopment costs the general funds of a county required to consent to such inclusion under Code Section 36-44-9; (2) Submission of the redevelopment plan to the local legislative body of the political subdivision whose area of operation will include the tax allocation district; (3) Adoption by the local legislative body of a resolution approving the redevelopment plan and which: (A) Describes the boundaries of the tax allocation district with sufficient definiteness to identify with ordinary and reasonable certainty the territory included. The boundaries shall include only those whole units of property assessed for ad valorem property tax purposes; (B) Creates the district on December 31 following the adoption of the resolution or on December 31 of a subsequent year as determined by the local legislative body; (C) Assigns a name to the district for identification purposes. The first district created shall be known as "Tax Allocation District Number 1," followed by the name of the political subdivision within whose area of operation the district is located; (D) Specifies the estimated tax allocation increment base; (E) Specifies ad valorem property taxes to be used for computing tax allocation increments; (F) Specifies the property proposed to be pledged for payment or security for payment of tax allocation bonds which property may include positive tax allocation increments derived from the tax allocation district, all or part of general funds derived from the tax allocation district, and any other property from which bonds may be paid under Code Section 36-44-14, as determined by the political subdivision subject to the limitations of Code Sections 36-44-9 and 36-44-20; and (G) Contains findings that: (i) The redevelopment area on the whole has not been subject to growth and development through private enterprise and would not reasonably be anticipated to be developed without the approval of the redevelopment plan or includes one or more natural, historical, or cultural assets which have not been adequately preserved or protected and such asset or assets would not reasonably be anticipated to be adequately preserved, protected, or improved without the approval of the redevelopment plan; and (ii) The improvement of the area is likely to enhance the value of a substantial portion of the other real property in the district. If any information required to be included in the resolution approving the redevelopment plan under subparagraphs (A) through (G) of this paragraph is contained in the redevelopment plan, then the resolution approving the redevelopment plan may incorporate by reference that portion of the redevelopment plan containing said information; and (4) A certified copy of any resolution giving the consent required under paragraph (1) of this Code section must be submitted to the local legislative body of the political subdivision whose area of operation will include the tax allocation district prior to inclusion of such ad valorem property taxes or general funds in calculation of the tax allocation increment.HISTORY: Code 1981, � 36-44-8, enacted by Ga. L. 2009, p. 158, � 2/HB 63.Title NoteChapter Note Clearly, you cannot REdevelop that which has never been developed. Ergo, in my opinion, Mr. Drury's project does not even come close to clearing the most basic threshold for qualifying - whereas the mill project clearly did under the brownfield provision. I wish Mr. Drury every success (finally) and I think the idea of looking for users for our now excessive and costly water and sewer capacity is commendable. However, this is not the way to go. I'm against it. In another section, with regards to the city creating the necessary "redevelopment authority" required for a TAD, the opposition's shibboleth that the created authority would have unto itself the power of eminent domain is not true (see (5)). (b) Any delegation of redevelopment powers pursuant to the authority of subsection (a) of this Code section shall be limited by the following requirements: (1) Any redevelopment plan must be approved by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision as a condition precedent to the implementation of said redevelopment plan, and such approval shall be subject to the requirements of Code Section 36-44-7; (2) The boundaries of any redevelopment area must be described by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (3) A tax allocation district must be created by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (4) The issuance of any tax allocation bonds shall be by resolution of the local legislative body of the political subdivision; (5) The power of eminent domain may only be exercised under this chapter by the local legislative body of a political subdivision; and (6) A local legislative body may not delegate to a redevelopment agency created under subsection (b), (c), (d), or (e) of Code Section 36-44-4 any urban redevelopment project powers except those which may be conferred on an urban redevelopment agency under Code Section 36-61-17 of the "Urban Redevelopment Law." Let me make another thing clear. The local knee jerk opponents of anything new and innovative would have you believe that the law requires the pledging of the full general revenues of the city to pay off any bonds issued in a TAD deal. That is absolutley false, de jure. By law, only the tax revenues from the tax allocation district must be allocated to that debt service. Now, de facto, if the city exercised its legal option to default on those obligations rather than dip into the general funds, they would take a hit on their bond rating. So, while it is de facto likely that they would dip into the general fund if they faced that situation, de jure, they are not legally obliged to.