Monday, December 28, 2009

Matt's menu, as promised!

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Note: the dinner to-go menu was on the front and back of legal length paper so I had to make 4 scans to get it all. Just read from top to bottom and you will get it all. I had lunch there today. Large garden salad , large bowl of their fresh minestrone soup (the best you've ever eaten), and absolutely addictive, thumb-sized garlic rolls hot from the oven. Very satisfying. You get about 18 of those little rolls per order. If you can't finish them (i.e, your second basket), warm them up the next morning with breakfast. All was exactly as I remembered it from the original Matteo's in front of Winn-Dixie in Brunswick - delicious! Matteo's customers will recognize the owner, another guy who may be his brother (not sure), and the old cook. There was one other male in the kitchen, the dishwasher. You'll be surpised at how roomy and completely open and visible the kitchen is. The wait staff consisted of 5 young gals and one older "Tug Boat Annie" character with copious tattos. All had obviously been trained by the owner to be noticeably friendly and give great service. Of course, I was the only customer at 1:00 PM. The old Sweetest Things red walls and red tables are still there, with a few more new 4-tops thrown in. Try it - you'll like it!
In other restaurant news, Janie tells me that Aunt B's will be open their regular hours(10:30 AM to 8:00PM) on New Years Day, serving their regular Friday menu. As of this afternoon, they had not planned on Hoppin' John but may well do it after I inquired about it today. Also, there is a new Chinese restaurant coming to the Winn Dixie Shopping Center. It will be next to the Christian book store. "China King," I think.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the same menu from OPS.

Jay Moreno said...

I couldn't tell you. I've never much cared for OPS. I can tell you that it is the same menu from the original Matteo's in Brunswick.
I can tell you that Matt's parents, who started Matteo's, were actually from Italy. This is authentic Italian food.

Jay Moreno said...

Update, 1/12: It did not take Matt's long to figure out that Camdenians tend not to be night owls. They now close at 9:00 PM, vs their original closing time of 9:30.

I ate there last night after the first 2010 city council meeting.
I had the eggplant Rotolini (sp?)

They cut three long strips of eggplant along the the long axis.
Those stripsare breaded then fried just long enough to set the breading but remain rollable. They then roll up ricotta cheese inside of the strips of eggplant. The rolls then go into a canape dish where they are covered with parmesan and baked. Then they are covered in marinara sauce and served. They were very good.