Monday, June 30, 2008

Alas, how true....

Neutral Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #31 7 min ago "Come July 16th you'll understand why !!!!!!!!!I would also mention that the same 100 people who get on this site and change their monikers to make people believe Bill's opposition is larger that it really is. You can tell by the daily attacks by Rick and Jay that things are not as you wish them to be. Although some Gregory's support is very vocal (not in support of Gregory) but in opposition of Bill. Bill's support is solid. The silent majority will prevail. They will come out of those woods like locust on July the 16th and there won't be a damned thing Jay, Rick, or anyone else can do to stop that. I've heard many times that people will vote for Bill due to their hatred of Berry, Moreno, Rogers,Stein,etc. These people who think they're helping Gregory are having just the opposite effect. Hundreds will vote for Bill just so they won't have to listen to Moreno,Rogers,Berry and the rest say I told you so. You call it what ever you like but this is the way it will go. Remember you heard it hear first" First of all, I cannot and do not post on TOPIX Kingsland, given that thanks to "Tripp" Casey, I can not. Moreover, thanks to Casey - who now, ironically, claims to be against Smith - page after page of documentary evidence of Smith's wrongdoings I had posted to TOPIX are now irretrievably lost. But to the matter at hand - people voting for Smith to spite "damned outsiders." There is no doubt in my mind that the writer is correct: there are morally bankrupt, indigenous tribals who will vote for Smith, knowing damned well that he is crooked, only to spite the reviled "damned outsiders." Where have we seen this sort of thing before? Remember when Marion Barry, the racist and incompetent black mayor of Washington, D.C. was caught on film smoking crack in a D.C. hotel room with a prostitute,. arrested, convicted and jailed, but, nonetheless, reelected when he ran for mayor again? What you have going on here is a very similar phenomenon. It hurts like hell to have to have "others" point out the years long perfidy and general sorriness beneath the facade of one of your multi-generational tribal heroes. Decent tribals, with a strong grounding in what being an American is all about and a true moral compass will move on and do the right thing on July 15th. But many will not. That's why it is so vitally important to get all DECENT people - indigenous or damned outsiders -- to the polls on the 15th to do the right thing - the American thing. Update @ 1224 HRS. Now, this e-mail from a reader.... There is no end to how low he will go. I just hope there are folks out there who still have a sense of right and wrong. But I am not ignoring the fact that what was wrong is now tolerated. That was proven when Bill Clinton disgraced the office of the President and this county pretty much accepted that conduct. July 15th is going to be a real test for this community. We will find out if the community standards are low enough to allow this corruption and put a stamp of approval on it. This is the MTV generation. There is no set definition of right and wrong, although we really do know what is wrong. As it stands now we have many in our community who are selling their vote because a crooked sheriff was friendly or did a favor. That is like tolerating a thief because of what he does for you. It is alright for him to steal from your neighbors because he is doing some thing for you. It may well be that this community's moral compass is not calibrated right. That it is way off course. We shall see if we pass the test. I know what I am going to do and I will not have any question in my mind about having done the right thing. I would hope we don't have to leave up the the Feds. That we would make the first strike.


A compilation of all of Bill Smith's egregious lies in one convenient location! Take a close look at "Upcoming Events." What's with all of those "speaking engagements" in what appear to be exclusively black churches? Perhaps we need a visit from an IRS investigative team as well.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Thug's Big Lie Strategy bumps it up a notch.

School Board Chairman Herb Rowland Responds

This is chairman Rowland's response to a reader who is known to me, but has asked to remain anonymous: JayI am forwarding a copy of the email I received from from School Board Member Herbert Rowland as promised. XXXXXXX Subject: RE: CCHS Football Team & the 4th of July ParadeDate: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 17:30:31 -0400 From: "Herbert Rowland" <> To: XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Both Dr. Hardin and I were on vacation last week, so this is the first either of us has heard of this situation. It is not the policy of the school system to support any candidate for political office. Individuals employed by the system may support whomever they wish, but may not use school resources in the process. These allegations are in the process of being investigated and appropriate action will be taken if warranted. Sincerely, Herbert R. Rowland, M.Ed. Chairman Camden County Board of Education 'All human beings are born with unique gifts. The healthy functioning of our community depends on its capacity to develop each gift.' Peter Senge 'The Learning School.' ________________________________ From: XXXXXXXX [mailto:XXXXXX]Sent: Thu 6/26/2008 4:42 PM To: Herbert Rowland Subject: CCHS Football Team & the 4th of July Parade June 26, 2008 To Whom It May Concern:It was brought to my attention that Coach Herron has demanded that the Camden County Wildcat varsity football team ride on a float in the St. Marys 4th of July parade in support of Sheriff Bill Smith's re-election bid. If this allegation is true, I, as a voting taxpayer in Camden County find it appalling. I do not support such actions by Coach Herron and I think we need to stop this non-sense before it gets started. We do not need our football players tarnished by being caught up in this political three ring circus. If Coach Herron wants to ride on the Sheriff's float on the 4th as an individual rather than a representative of CCHS then I have no problems with that. However, I do have a problem with him forcing his political believes onto our children. I am interested to know what your position is with regard to this matter and whether or not the board is supporting Coach Heron's position. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, XXXXXX X. XXXXX

Sunday Funnies; Volume 18

Friday, someone from Park Place stuck the July edition of the "Park Place Press" into my door. I don't usually pay much attention to the monthly newsletter, but this caught my eye: Six "P-L-E-As" for Protection Against Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) PLEASE don't swim when you have diarrhea...this is especially important for kids in diapers. PLEASE don't' swallow the pool water. PLEASE practice good hygiene. PLEASE take your kids on bathroom breaks often. PLEASE change diapers in a bathroom and not at poolside. PLEASE wash your child thoroughly (especially the rear end) with soap and water before swimming. Hardly your typical, sanitized, PC, corporate communique. It just struck me as funny. A bonus funny!

Roger R Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #9 19 min ago I know for a fact that Bill has not made any of these functions (fund raisers) mandatory, his men just show up because they know they would rather work for Bill than Tommy............

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday sign survey.

Folks, I've been out and about since about 1:00 PM today, when I had some delicious shrimp and vegetables down at Aunt B's. Just as a side note, my anecdotal observations of today and the last couple of weeks tell me that the ladies' business is definitely a bit off between rising food prices and the cost of gasoline. I was commenting to my waitress about how much I liked the limes in the iced tea. She said that they switch back and forth between limes and lemons depending upon the price. A box of lemons that was $110.00 a month ago now commands $40.00! Anyway, back to the the subject at hand - my sign survey. I left Aunt B's about 1:30. I went up Kings Bay Rd. to Hwy 40 , then east on 40 to make the loop through downtown St. Marys. Then I went back west on 40 to Hwy 17, south on 17 to Steffens, where I turned around and went north on 17 to the foot of the bridge at the Satilla River. I then came back down Hwy 17 to Hwy 40, west on 40 to Vacuna Rd, then Vacuna Rd. on back home by way of St. Marys Rd. Now, on that tour, I saw at least 150, if not 200 Bill Smith signs in front of both businesses and homes. In that same distance, I saw, at best, 15 Tommy Gregory signs. About 1/3 of those were on business lots where the business man was covering his bets by having both Gregory and Smith signs. One exception was the two large signs I mentioned the other day in front of the law offices of Morgan and Urquhart. Another third of Tommy's signs were just off the right of way on vacant properties. The final third were all on lawns in all-white neighborhoods. Other than the three Gregory decals on my van, there were no Gregory decals to be seen in Camden County today. I saw some old redneck riding around in a red Jeep festooned with an American flag and a big, strapped-on Bill Smith sign on top. That was in Kingsland at Hwy 17 and Vacuna Rd. Oh, and by the way, one of those old, vacant office suites right next dooor to Century 21 Tri-City Realty in St. Marys now sports a huge banner proclaiming it to be the "Campaign Volunteer Headquarters" for the Bill Smith campaign. There was not a soul there this afternoon. So, the ratio of Smith signs to Gregory signs is AT LEAST 10 to 1. Tommy, I'm sure you read this every day. I know damned well that you have personally put out or given out more than 15 yard signs. I can understand your not wanting to be seen as whining, but if, in fact, Thuggies, with no doubt the full blessing and encouragement of Bill Smith, are stealing your campaign signs at the prodigious rate it would appear that they must be, I think that the voters need to know it. So, tell us, if you will, how may signs you estimate you have either placed or given to people to place since you started. ( Thanks. P.S., I almost forgot: When I passed by Blue's barbecue, the smoker was smoking and there were cars in the lot. Y'all reckon Big Thug has already let "Blue" out on pre-trial, pre-election furloughs!?

Well I'll just be damned!

tommygun3 “Procrastinators unite tomorrow” Joined: Dec 18, 2007 Comments: 365 White Oak ISP Location: Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #1 1 hr ago Judged: 1 I have been flip flopping around for a while on where I will place my vote. In this time I have had a chance to talk to several people who I know well, and some that I just know from being around. I have heard several sides to each story, and some that are just utter BS. BUT, most of what I have gotten lately is that MOST of this stuff is true to a degree. That meaning that the principles behind what is being posted on topix about Bill and his crew are true. I have had this told to me, and to my wife, by several people who work for and around the CCSO. With that being said, I will not be casting a vote for Bill, and I urge any good citizen (even bad ones) to vote for anyone other that Bill Smith. Although he has not been charged with any crimes as of yet, he is not desrving of the office anymore. Any supporters of Bill out there need to wake up and see the light. He is not good for our county, and needs to go. Hell, just talk to the ones who work for him. They (most of them at least) are sick of all of this negative publicity, and want the prestige of the CCSO returned to where it once was. It is up to us to do so by electing a good and honest man for sheriff. One that will restore integrity and restore morale. That man, to me, will be Tommy Gregory. It is time for change, good change, and that time is now.

The latest evidence: installment 4.

Not that I've begun to exhaust the supply of evidence of wrongdoing in the federal account, but I thought that now that Rick has the state account up on his website as well, we would take a look at it today. Check # 2325, dated 11/17/08, for $500.00, made payable to "Camden County High School Baseball." No further notation. So, I wonder what the "grateful" baseball players may have been ordered to do to help the floundering Smith campaign? Now, you would think that if a cash strapped CCSO needed $848.00 worth of "office supplies," they would buy them from a major national office supply store in ether Brunswick or Fernandina and get free shipping. Or, maybe buy them at a higher price from our little independent store in St. Mary's for the benefit of the local economy. But suppose you needed to have some things printed - like campaign signs, decals, and literature - and you did not want to use a local shop for obvious reasons. You be the judge. Check # 2299, dated 11/17/08, for $848.00, made payable to "Charlton Printing & Office Supplies, Inc.," notation: "Inv. # 127174; 12168." Now, suppose you've had the most highly paid "simple file clerk" in U.S. law enforcement illegally search all of the criminal data bases restricted to legitimate police inquires in order to dig up dirt on your local critics, but failed to find anything really useful. Where would you go next. You be the judge. Check # 2270, dated 11/19/07, for $629.45, "to "Lexis Nexis," with the notation "Inv. #57085757." And they wonder why I call him "Big Thug" and why folks are afraid NOT to put his campaign signs up when asked. Tune in Monday for installment 5.

North end of Cumberland Island still burning.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Odds n' ends from Main Mole.

Well, earlier this week, Terry Dixon, freshly declared candidate for chief magistrate judge, was observed in an extended private conference with Big Thug Willie in his office. When folks asked what he was doing in there, the cover story that was out that he was in there trying to get BTW to switch the gasoline business from the Gowan jobber in Folkston for the competing jobber Dixon works for in Brunswick. Of course, that was just one more lie. I've confirmed that Dixon worked in the power plant at the mil, then for Stan Smith, and now for a fuel jobber in Brunswick. He has absolutely, positively, no educational or experiential background whatsoever which would even remotely qualify him to carry out the duties of the office Big Thug is attempting to install him into. I speculated that the favor BTW has called in to get Mary Ann to cut short her saintly work in Haiti was the illegal funding of her son's tuition at Valdosta State. MM has informed me that he may have called in a more recent marker. Turns out that a close relative of Mary Ann got himself arrested in Florida not long ago. He made bail, but failed to show up for court - twice. He was arrested on a bench warrant. Mary Ann went to Big Thug; Big Thug called in a few markers in Florida, and got him sprung. Oh, and that barf inducing, smarmy, saccharin, letter-to-the-editor from Mary Ann which was published in the T&G - MM is 99.9% sure that it was actually written by none other than William "Simper Fido" Terrell. Seaman apparently just played her part by agreeing to it and lying to the T&G when they called to verify. Big Thug - the gift that keeps on giving!

The things Thuggie dreams are made of.

Mary Ann Seaman recalled from Haiti?

What about this Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #3 4 hrs ago "Mary Anna Seamen is not in Haiti anymore. I saw her in K-Mart in Kingsland yesterday! Get this she is telling people that she is Bill smith's campaign manager. After reading the above article in the local paper she was say something different. What is the real story? " Hmm, let me guess: Jesus laid it upon her big ol' illegal-tuition-spending-heart to abandon the starving orphans of Port Au Prince to fly back and rescue a drowning Big Thug Willie. Awww! (Either that, or her son has just announced his desire to attend graduate school.)

This week's "qualifiers."

I just got off of the phone with Shirley Wise at Judge Martin Gillette's office. Let's get to the most, uh, "interesting" race first. As y'all know, Chief Magistrate Harvey Fry has decided not to run for reelection. Actual attorney and sitting magistrate judge under Harvey Fry ( I think) Jennifer Lewis, has qualified. Also, Mr. Terry Dixon, a former paper mill employee and former Underground Construction employee, with, so far as I know, no legal training or experience whatsoever, has "qualified," reportedly under the puppeteership of Big Thug Willie Smith. Big Thug, trust me, you will need a judge in your pocket with a helluva lot more horsepower than a Camden County chief magistrate! Like I've said before, Big Thug's narcissism, sociopathy, and megalomania all constitute a clear and present danger to the health and safety of the body politic of this county. Not only is he actively seeking control of the county commission but the local judiciary as well. For sheriff, Rich Gamble has conditionally qualified, contingent upon his turning in 998 "good" signatures of verified, registered voters NLT July 8th. For county surveyor, Pete Brandon, the incumbent, has chosen not to run again. There are two qualifiers: Steven Hooks, and Arthur Lee Robertson, IV. For the school board, all three incumbents for the districts up for election have qualified, with no challengers. They are: District 1 - Daniel Simpson; District 3 - Jimmy Coffel; and, District 5, Doug Benton. By the way, so far, Doug Benton is the only board member to respond to my e-mail concerning the mandatory float riding business. For Probate Judge, the incumbent, Judge Martin Gillette, has qualified with no challenger.

Another priceless nugget of conventional Thuggie wisdom!

From TOPIX Kingsland. I Know Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #24 3 hrs ago It's great that the Sheriff supports our sports programs and they should in return support our Law Enforcement. Ounce (sic) again it's those freakin(') communist(s) living in our community(.) (Picture the old Johnny Carson character, "Floyd R. Turbo American," holding a Smith campaign sign and belting that out!)

Yep, there it is..

If you don't remember what I predicted yesterday,thanks to a tip from Main Mole in "Slip of the Bundy lip..," you might want to scroll down and re-read it. The Big Lie campaign is in full fruition. This from the jump page (12-A) in today's T&G front page article covering Big Thug's blinking and turning over the records: "Smith said Thursday that federal attorneys have thus far deemed none of the expenditures from the seized assets account improper, though the sheriff is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation by federal authorities into his use of inmate labor and the seized asset funds. 'Everything has been looked at by the feds and blessed,' he said. 'In my opinion, this is all politically motivated.' " Yes, Big Thug, it is - in the same sense that FDR's address to a joint session of congress and the nation on December 8th, 1941, was politically motivated.

Ho hum.. another ex-commissioner takes a shot at Steve Berry.

The latest evidence; installment 3

Do y'all remember this one, from installment 1? "Check # 2558, dated April 14, 2008, for $2,240.00, made payable to 'Denean Sutton.' That's it - no further notations. What was the date of that grand jury report?" Well, now, today, I've discovered this: Check # 2533, dated 3/27/2008, for $6,508.00, made payable to "University of Tem------- (illegible), with the notation "D. Sutton." So, at the same time the Camden grand jury was in session, with Fred Sutton, D. Sutton's husband, as foreman, a total of $8,748.00 was illegally paid to or, ostensibly, on behalf of, D. Sutton. I know, it's probably just a quirk of my suspect "personality," but I find that, as ol' weasel face Tom Daschle used to say, "troubling." GBI, are you reading this? On another matter, here's a peep at a fraction of the total cost of maintaining the CCSO Riverine Forces. Check # 2392, dated August ? (illegible), 2007, for $79,937.00, made payable to "Hickory Bluff Marina" (that's in Camden, up off of Dover Bluff Rd.) Notation: NONE. What the hell, it was only $79,937.00! Now, how much did it cost to train the intrepid crew of three of the SS Willie? Check # 2360, dated 6/21/07, for $11,240.07, made payable to "Federal Law Enforcement Training Center" with the notation, "Brannen (yes, demo derby Brannen), Coffel, Godley MLETP/05". I take that to mean "Marine Law Enforcement Training Program / 05." Tune in tomorrow for installment 4.

Ol' Reliable, Rick Rogers, comes through again!

This morning, on Rick's blog, he has not only scanned and published the federal seized asset records I'm talking about now, but managed to blow them up to where you can read them with the naked eye. Remember, the reduced originals are so small that I'm having to read them with a magnifying glass. Thanks, Rick!

So much for Wednesday's new record!

Wednesday's new record of 538 hits has fallen. Yesterday, there were 611 hits by 104 first time visitors and 69 returning visitors. From now on, I'll just report hits every time you guys surpass the next hundred - i.e. 700, 800, etc. Thanks - and keep on spreading the word.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Herr Herron handed heiney?

I just received an e-mail from school board member Doug Benton. By the way, just two e-mails below his in my inbox was an identical response he had recently sent out to one of my readers who had e-mailed him her own inquiry. Thanks, reader. Mr. Benton, Thank you for your looking into this troubling matter and for your prompt and politic reply. I infer from your response that it was going to happen, before it saw the light of day, but thanks to your intervention, it now is not. Thanks again. Jay Moreno ----- Original Message ----- From: "Doug Benton" <> To: "Jay Moreno" <> Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:56 PM Subject: RE: Coach Herron Mr. Moreno, Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I have made two phone calls (one to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools and one to Jeff Herron). To the best of my knowledge, this will not happen. Thanks, Doug Benton________________________________ From: Jay Moreno [] Sent: Thu 6/26/2008 2:34 PM To: Doug Benton Subject: Coach Herron Gentlemen, It was brought to my attention today that Coach Herron has ORDERED the varsity football team to ride on a float in the St. Marys 4th of July parade in support of Sheriff Bill Smith's reelection bid.I have posted this allegation on my blog. I, for one, would be most interested in what your individual opinions of this alleged action (if found to be true) are, as well as what, if anything, the board plans to do about it prior to the 4th of July.I will be glad to post your responses, unedited, on my blog. Thank You. Jay Moreno

Big Thug's lie du jour.

Well, it now turns out that Bill Smith was actually in Camden County the whole time that L.W. Bruce was looking for him. I have reconfirmed that both Easterling and Smith's secretary lied to Bruce on Smith's instructions. Moreover, Smith is today telling all who will listen that not only was he here, but had "no idea that anyone was looking for (him)." Apparently, it's true: If his lips are moving, he's lying.

Blood Drive, July 1st

Thanks to Marion Wall for bringing this to the public's attention via a posting on TOPIX, Kingsland. You may find more info by going to that posting and clicking on the thumbnail of the above poster for a larger and more readable copy of it.

Trouble in a fool's paradise.

Poor old Dr.Ben Jenkins. The National Park Service has now ordered him to tear down and eradicate all traces of the illegal, BTW-instigated additions to "his" home on Cumberland Island. He has hired Kingsland attorney, John Ossick, to try to fight the order. He will lose, of course. Have no fear, manly man Bill Smith will step forward and defray all of Dr. Jenkin's expenses from his personal funds. Hey, it's as believable as anything else coming out of the Smith camp lately. This is just one more case of Smith, the 70 year-long, peripatetic, sociopathic tornado, visiting a swath of destruction upon some poor schmuck, then remorselessly moving on.

Congratulations, Captain Griffin!

Sheriff Bill Smith has just promoted the official CCSO chaplain - and former coutroom bailif - the Reverend Verdell Griffin (who just happens to be the pastor of a black church in St. Marys with a very large congregation) to the rank of Captain. I'm sure his congregants will join me in congratulating Verdell.

Was ist los, mein Herron?

This just in from another jail house source.. It is reported that Coach Jeff Herron has informed his varsity football players that they WILL ride on a Bill Smith float in the 4th of July parade and they will like it, because of all of the illegal financial contributions Smith has made to the football team. Is there any facet of life as we know it in Camden County not contaminated by Bill Smith's ubiquitous, sociopathic, evil? Update: 1417 HRS. If you would like to inquire of the members of the school board as to what view they take of this alledged action by Coach Herron, here's how. Step 1. Bring up your word processing program. Step 2: Type up the one message you want to send to all members. Step 3: Copy said message (as in copy and paste.) Step 4. Go to their web page. Click on the individual's names beneath their pictures on the right hand side to send them an e-mail. Step 5: Paste your message, then send. Here's the link: Here's my e-mail: Gentlemen, It was brought to my attention today that Coach Herron has ORDERED the varsity football team to ride on a float in the St. Marys 4th of July parade in support of Sheriff Bill Smith’s reelection bid. I have posted this allegation on my blog. I, for one, would be most interested in what your individual opinions of this alleged action (if found to be true) are, as well as what, if anything, the board plans to do about it prior to the 4th of July. I will be glad to post your responses, unedited, on my blog. Thank You. Jay Moreno

Choke on it, Lefties!,2933,372041,00.html

Get a clue, Bozo!

Kingsland, GA What is the connection between the forums and Gregory? Comments Showing posts 1 - 1 of 1 Face Reality Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #1 46 min ago "Is one political group trying to influence your vote? " I can't speak for any other blog or blogger but I am most assuredly, unequivocally, unabashedly trying to influence your vote. Let me be more specific - as apparently, Bozo, you really need it. I am wholeheartedly advocating that voters knock out Bill Smith in round one - and rid the county of his evil and evil influence once and for all. Moreover, I believe that it is in the county's best interest to : Retain Steve Berry; defeat David Rainer; and defeat Preston Rhodes. Any questions? What is my "connection" to Tommy Gregory? None. Never heard of him until he declared. I've met him at one of his rallies. I've contributed $101.11 to his campaign. I've agreed to be in his entourage in the 4th of July parade. That's because, after personal due diligence, I've taken the decision to vote for Gregory becauset he is equally as qualified for the job as Rich Gamble and far more likely to be elected in the general election. Had Rich Gamble been the only one running against Smith, I would have voted for him, as I did 4 years ago. I have never published one word that was fed to me by Tommy Gregory or anyone associated with his campaign. No, on second thought, I stand corrected. I did receive an e-mail from his professional campaign manager in Savannah asking me to please announce on my blog the last meet-and-greet which Tommy held over at the Rec Center. I did. I would note that that request came as a direct result of my having announced the previous day that I would be happy to run campaign announcements - unedited - for ANY declared candidate ( that offer still stands, by the way.) But that has been the ONLY exception. Come to think of it, I even published the request from the campaign advisor. In conclusion, Bozo, please answer the following question with equal candor: Will you or will you not be voting for Bill Smith on July 15th? Jay Moreno Sole proprietor & author of "Camden County Commentary."

Big Thug's court hearing continued to next Thursday.

This morning's scheduled court hearing on BTW's failure to comply has been continued until next Thursday at which time Jim Stein, on behalf of client Robbie Morgan, will argue that insofar as Smith's failure to timely comply with he Open Records Act necessitated his filing suit, Smith should have to pay both Stein's fee and the court costs.

Will slip of the Bundy lip help sink Big Thug's ship?

This just in from my main mole... A few days ago, Inspector Bundy was overheard passing on the following inside info from the Smith campaign. While Smith would like us to think that a grass roots group of locals, headed by Sydney Howell, is running his campaign, the fact is that he too has hired a professional campaign advisory firm out of Savannah. Big Thug apparently made the mistake of confiding the following information in Dale "Loose Lips" Bundy. Said advisor has recently told Smith that the threat of his being indicted by the feds is definitely THE major drag on his campaign. People, even some who might otherwise be in his camp - are wary of re-electing Smith, only to have to foot the bill for another election when the feds indict him. Smith has been advised that he must take the following course of action. Either in person, or through his lying Thuggie surrogates, through whatever means available to them (think TOPIX, Black 'Copters. Support Our Sheriif, and word of lying mouth), he must get the word out that the feds have informed his attorney, Don Samuels, that he will definitely NOT be indicted by the Feds and that they have decided to turn the whole investigation back over to the state. This is of course a lie, but it is precisely the lie that his advisers are telling him he must sell vigorously between now an the 15th. Forewarned is forearmed. Watch for it! Great work, Main Mole!

The latest evidence - installment 2.

Well, it would appear that the vote-buying treks to the maga-church in Saddleback in southern California may have slowed a little last year after their exposure. There was at least one. The cost of the airline tickets for this trip may well be hidden in the third account we do not yet have records for. Here's the cost of the rooms for the vote-sellers on that one trip we do have evidence of so far: Check # 2389, dated 07/02/2007, for $9,496.75, made payable to "Ayers Suites Mission Viejo" (California), with the notation "13 rooms Celebrate Recovery." Any chance those of you who sold your votes for that trip will bravely come forward? Of course, there were still lots of tuition checks cut for Bill's pals. For instance, jailer Rob Mastroianni has now decided to try his hand at higher education. Check # 2361, dated 6/23/07, for $760.00, made payable to "Georgia Southern University" with the notation "R. Mastroianni." Check number 2426, dated 10/15/07, for $1,110.00, made payable to "Georgia Southern University" with the notation "R. Mastroianni." Check Number 2502, dated 1/14/08, for $555.00 to "Columbia Southern University" ( an on- line diploma mill), with the notation "R. Mastroianni Tuition BCJ 4310" which sounds like a Bachelor of Criminal Justice course number. Georgia Southern AND Columbia Southern - a two-handed approach. Check # 2525, dated 3/24/08, for $555.00, made payable to "Georgia Southern University" with the notation "R. Mastroianni - Tuition." Looks like Mastroianni has correctly perceived that the gravy train will not be running much longer. Tune in tomorrow for installment three.

GTU coverage of Tuesday's candidates' forum. Looks like my "reporters" were right on the money. No, commission candidates, we don't want to hear how if elected you would "compromise" with Big Thug Willie Smith. We want to know that you to will go to the polls on the 15th and help to vote his sorry, sociopathic, megalomaniacal, prevaricating ass out of office - period!

GTU coverage of Big Thug Willie's cave in.

New records set....

Y'all set not one, but two new records yesterday. There were 538 page views, breaking the "old" record of 513 of a few days ago. There were 115 people who viewed the blog yesterday for the very frst time. That means you guys are doing a great job of spreading the word. I appreciate it. There were 73 returning viewers yesterday. Remember - the more widely we disseminate the truth about Big Thug Willie, the more likely we are to be rid of him. Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okay, Topix readers.. listen up.

WALTHOURVILLE is in Georgia, just south of Hinesville, on the way to Jesup. WALTERBORO is in South Carolina, about thirty minutes north of Beaufort on the way to Charleston. I've driven through both, many, many, times. Trust me on this.

The latest evidence - installment 1.

Okay, to repeat, what I have, unlike the rather easily readable list which Rick published last year, I have copies of the actual monthly bank statements, complete with the greatly reduced copies of the cancelled checks. I'm going to enlist the aid of Rick Rogers, who is a whiz at scanning, to see if he can figure out a way to enlarge them sufficiently so that y'all can read them, then publish them on his blog. I am literally having to use a magnifying glass to read the copies as they came from the bank. I wonder if the kind of records we saw last year even exist. BTW might have wised up. I'm going to describe some of the highlights, complete with check numbers. There are actually two bank accounts with the Woodbine branch of Southeastern Bank. One is tagged "Federal Shared Assets," the other "State Shared Assets." I have the statements from July 1st, 2007 thru May 30, 2008. Let's take a look at the federal one first. Here's one of my personal favorites: Check # 2410, dated 8/30/07, for $912.16, and made payable to "Bally's Atlantic City." If you don't know where and what that is, Google it. I wonder if Fairley was on that trip? Here's an interesting one. Check #2514, dated 2/14/2008, for $500.00, made payabe to "Kevin (hissyfit, golfcart) Barber" with the notation "For distribution between four officers @ $125.00 each." That's it. Were they perhaps paid to show up armed and show their asses at the county commission meeting? How's this for cryptic? Check # 2516, dated 2/21/08, for $2,804.85, payable to "Camden County Sheriff's Office Expenditures Account #403108549." That's it. No further detail. You all no doubt recall how one former deputy, Fred Sutton, was the foreman of the Smith -friendly grand jury that turned out that puff piece report on the jail and CCSO. Remember that his wife works for the CCSO - a deputy, I think. Check this out: Check # 2558, dated April14, 2008, for $2,240.00, made payable to "Denean Sutton." That's it - no further notations. What was the date of that grand jury report? There's more - much more, but I've had about all of Big Thug's sorry ass that I can stomach for one day. See y'all tomorrow.

Big Thug concedes warm-up ass-whipping!

Today, at 1415HRS, CCSO Chief Deputy Charley Easterling personally, hand-delivered the documents detailing all seized asset expenditures for the year ending June 1, 2008, to the law office of attorney Jim Stein. Yes, those would be the same documents which Big Thug Willie had instructed feckless Simper Fido to say were in the sole custody of the federal grand jury and could not be retrieved. Just as soon as I obtain copies and have time to parse out the more egregious exemplars of ongoing criminality over the last year, I will bring them to you. Update @1815 HRS: I have them and I'm working on them - literally with a magnifying glass. What I have is actual, reduced size photocopies of the checks and deposit tickets jsutr as they come fromthe bank. BTW has wised up. They have made very small and cryptic notations on the checks. This may take a while, but I'll have some on tonight. Let me go eat.

Oh, Mary Ann - gag me with a spoon!!! Mary Ann, are you sure that you're not hiding out in Haiti on Bill's advice to avoid a federal subpoena? Maybe she's setting up Big Thugs fugitive villa in exile. Anyone know if we have an extradition treaty with Haiti? Mary Ann, as much as you love Bill Smith, you would surely have loved Papa Doc and Baby Doc even more. So, does this mean your son has graduated from Valdosta State and will no longer need the illegal tuition payments from the seized asset accounts - the ones the feds want to talk to you about?

Okay, folks, let's cut L.W. Bruce some slack.

Here is the standard response he is sending out to all e-mails of "encouragement" for him to serve Bill Smith. I have it confirmed from multiple sources, including Mr. Bruce himself, that he has done all he can do, short of a Mossad style kidnapping in Charleston. Thanks to Nella Rogers and "Bob-Bob for bringing this resposne to my attention. From: LW Bruce [] Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:54 AM To: Nella Subject: RE: SERVE SMITH Thank you for your inquiry into the service of Sheriff Smith. Sheriff Smith was served the papers by notorious service at approx 3:15 pm on Tuesday, 6-24. I hope this answers your inquiry. Sincerely, L. W. BRUCE Camden County Coroner P.O. Box 749 Kingsland, GA 31548 912-729-5785 912-729-4416 Fax

Thanks, Fairley! That's worth AT LEAST a thousand words!!

Lying weasel Smith's latest dodge.

This just in from my main mole... Yesterday, County Coroner L.W. Bruce made one final appearance at the office of Sherif William E. Smith in Woodbine. In the absence of the sheriff-in-hiding, Mr. Bruce attempted to hand the papers to Chief Deputy Charley Easterling. Easterling refused to touch them, telling Bruce he could could sit them on the desk if he wanted to, by they would just sit there as he was refusing to have anything to do with them, much less acknowledge receipt of them. Now, it turns out that Bill Smith has had his attorney file a claim with the court asserting that insofar as his client, the notorious lying scofflaw, William E. Smith, is the legally designated sole custodian of the seized assets, that anything short of actual, physical service upon Smith himself constitutes deficient service and therefor, the lawsuit can not proceed for so long as Smith can continue to hide out from service. The judge will decide whether or not "notorious service" on Easterling was sufficient at tomorrow's hearing in Woodbine at 0930 HRS. Tell me, Thuggies, do these sound like the actions of an innocent man? No that you moral midgets would give a damn.

Former top dogs bail from LandMar, start new firm. So, does anyone actually KNOW, for a fact, what the current plans for the old mill site are?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Republicans are hosting their last candidates' forum before the election tonight at 7:00 o'clock at the Eagles Aerie in St. Marys. This one will be for the county commmission candidates. Word-to-the-wise: be there NLT 6:30 - 6:15 even better. It should be interesting to see how many well known Thuggies will show up and how many of their co-ordinated, concerted, attack questions of Berry Ed Clary will allow through. Update @2051 HRS: A caller who was there at the candidates' forum just gave me a report. He said that far and away the most striking thing was the fact that even though Bill Smith was not on the program and hiding in Charleston, the overwhelming majority of the questions put to all county commission candidates had to do with their support or opposition to Bill Smith. Rainer caught Hell about his support for Smith. So did Carper. Apparently, there were no Thuggie's questions read, for none were "Smith friendly." I'm not sure if Gordon's coverage will make it into tomorrow's GTU or Thursdays. Should be interesting to compare his take to my "reporter's."

L.W. Bruce responds....

Mr. Moreno, Thank you for you e-mail in regards to the serving of papers on Sheriff Smith. As of this moment I have not been able to personally locate the Sheriff. He has not been at the sheriff's office when I have been by there. I have left 4 messages on his cell phone to contact me, left 3 messages with his secretary to contact me, and have had the 911 center page him and put my cell phone number in his pager, on 2 occasions. I have also had one of my assistant coroners contact him and advise him to contact me ASAP, he responded that he would contact me this morning, as I previously stated he has yet to contact me and I have not been able to locate his whereabouts. Please feel assured that every effort will be done to serve him personally, if not I will do a notorious service on him at his office, and place the papers in the hands of a representative of his office. Sincerely, L. W. BRUCE Camden County Coroner P.O. Box 749 Kingsland, GA 31548 912-729-5785 912-729-4416 Fax Thank you, Mr. Bruce, for your prompt response, and your efforts to date. In point of fact, I had just sat down to the keyboard to post that a mole in the jail had just moments ago confirmed just exactly the efforts on your part which you have described in your letter. We all realize what a slippery, sleazy quarry you are after. My guess is that he is now hiding out in Charleston where he will remain until election day - and, with any luck, forever thereafter. I feel confident that you will have to resort to a "notorious service" on his representative (Easterling?) at his office prior to the hearing this Thursday. Hopefully, the judge will do the right thing and proceed to order the lying scum to comply with the law and deliver up the records of his misappropriations of the seized asset funds over the last year. I'm sorry that our lying, corrupt, sheriff has put you into this position. Thanks again for your efforts and goood luck in catching up to him. Jay Moreno Say, does anyone know if Smith has any more scheduled campaign events between now and July 15th? This just in @ 1615 HRS. A jail source confirms that just moments ago, Coroner L.W. Bruce was informed by Chief Deputy Charley Easterling that Bill "the lying weasel" Smith has indeed scurried on back to Charleston where he will be "for the rest of the week." The rest of the week, my ass. "Real man" Smith will be in hiding there until after the election, just as I predicted. His having Bruce told that he would call him this morning was, of course, just another lie to give him time to drive to Charleston.

Slippery, slimy Thug.

This just in.... A courthouse source has confirmed that Big Thug Willie was tipped off within minutes of Jim Stein's filing of Robbie Morgan's suit on Friday. Under state law, the only one who can serve a law suit on a sitting sheriff is the sitting county coroner. In this case, that is L.W. Bruce. Bruce has not yet filed a "return of service" with the court. My guess is that he will try about as hard to serve BTW as BTW did to serve Dr. Jenkins 20 years ago and to date. Hell, Smith may well be hiding out over on the island as I write. Clearly, Smith knows that the release of this last year's report of his undoubted unlawful expenditures to buy votes with the drug funds may well be the very last nail in his political coffin. As you all know, Mr. Bruce has a challenger this year. I would suggest that all who know him, or know how to contact him, do so and assure him that unless he serves Smith within the next 24 hours, there is not a chance in hell that he will get your vote. Here, I'll make it easy for y'all: L.W. Bruce P.O. Box 749Kingsland, GA 31548 Home: 912-729-5784 Work: 912-729-5785 Fax Line: 912-729-4416 Let him have it! I've e-mailed mine: "Mr. Bruce, I vote in ALL county races. I will take a very dim view of your not exhausting all efforts and succeeding in serving Robbie Morgan's lawsuit on Sheriff Bill Smith within the next 24 hours. Jay Moreno "


Correction: This just in from Attorney Robbie Morgan: I am not running for Chief Magistrate and I am supporting Jennifer Lewis. She is an attorney with several years experience in the Magistrate Court and will be fair to the persons that appear in her Court. Robbie Morgan June 24, 2008 12:13 PM

Posted on TOPIX Kingsland 10 minutes ago....

Homeland Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #1 10 min ago "Rouge police officer Brad Todd threw a fund raiser for Sheriff Bill Smith this weekend and today I hear that Sheriff is pushing Brad Todd to run for Magistrate Judge Position.Does this man who admitted to the woman's club in Woodbine that he controls the Board of Commissioners, Now want to control the judges too?I find this funny that Brad Todd was a big supporter of Rich Gamble last election and totally against everything Bill did.Why the change? " By "rouge" he meant "rogue" (unless of course the officer is a French communist.) Well, as luck would have it, my phone just rang. It was my main mole. Here's the deal. The Chief Magistrate, Judge Harvey Fry, is not going to run again. Robbie Morgan - the attorney currently suing Smith for access to the drug fund records - is. Needless to say, Smith hates Morgan's guts. Now, Brad Todd used to be a CCSO deputy. Not sure why he left or why the TOPIX poster refers to him as a "rogue" - anyone? I'm told he currently works as a police officer in Homerville (where's that?) His father is still employed at the CCSO as a non-sworn employee. His job is to drive the trusties around in a truck to their various vote-buying missions. Yes, it's true: Brad Todd did personally foot the bill for the barbecue that was held at BTW campaign manager Sydney Howell's house on Conyers St. in St. Marys this past Saturday afternoon. (1149 HRS: Some wag over on TOPIX is now referring to it as "the last supper") Pete Mercer did the actual cooking. I'm told that beer and hard liquor flowed freely. Yes, it's the same Sydney Howell who ran as the prohibition candidate from Agape when he was installed by Rev. Jim on St. Marys City Council. One has to wonder now what role BTW may have played in Sydney's campaign. If Jim Stein, or Gordon Jackson, or ANY OF US crosses Big Thug and gets dragged before HIS very own chief magistrate, what chance of justice do you think we'll have? I'm telling you, people, the man's sociopathy and megalomania constitute a clear and present danger to civil liberties in Camden County. Do the right thing - the American thing - on July 15th. Sic semper tyrannis! Update: 1156HRS: I was just informed by an impeccable source that the only person to have formally qualified so far for the office of chief magistrate is one "Jennifer Lewis." Does any one know or know of Ms/Mrs. Lewis and what qualifications she might bring to the bench?

Mr. Folsom responds to my response.

(Scroll down to bottom, then click on "Older Posts" to see his original letter and my original response). Mr. Moreno, In the months past I have sent an invitation to other blog owners, well one, anyway. I was told that individual was told not to come on because it might be a "setup". Now, someone told me that, however, I think there must be some truth to it because of the lack of response to it. Since most of the blog owners do no not particularly care for Doug Vaught, I will set up an interview or program and perform the interview myself. Why would I do this? It's simple, I've been in broadcasting pretty much all my adult life and consider myself a part of the old school. Which means, to serve the public without being bias to individuals and topics. If an individual is not comfortable with Mr Vaught, other arrangements can be made. A word about Doug Vaught: He works hard to develop "Friendly Fire" and "Porch Talk". I'm not sure how many people have ever tried to create a TV talk show, but it's not as easy a one might think. In addition, TV Camden has suffered loss of revenue because of "Friendly Fire". This is a badge of honor, if a business person, who once spent money promoting his/her business with TV Camden stopped because of a particular guess [guest] on "Friendly Fire", then we much [must] be doing something right.Furthermore, the whole idea behind "Friendly Fire" is to get an unedited perspective on the topic at hand. We strive to be balanced and let the viewers decide for themselves. TV Camden has never edited out any comments made by a guest. The only way we would edit out a comment is if it was not family friendly...cursing and the like. Individuals may not like a guest, but they can rest assured they will hear everything that guess has to say.Our goal is to always be positive, local and informative. Not to make people look bad. To put the information out and let the viewer decide. Pertaining to Jason Paine's productions. Jason has a unique perspective and is very creative. He is an honest and caring person who is a bit zany at times. Many appreciate his sense of humor and perspective. Although, I acknowledge your opinion to not particularly care for his presentations. I think most would agree, its okay not to like everything. I appreciate the posting of my previous post. I truly was pleasantly surprised to see it on your blog. My perception of our local bloggers has improved. Sincerely, Chris Folsom June 24, 2008 7:41 AM Mr. Folsom, Thank you for you letter and observations. I can appreciate the pressure you must be under from Bill Smith to get me in front of a hostile audience and try to vitiate my obviously alarming effectiveness in revealing Smith for what he truly is through my blog. He gave it his best shot, Big Thug, but I'm not biting - so give him - and it - a rest! If you would like to interview me briefly in the context of your being present to videotape the Tommy Gregory victory celebration, I'll be glad to give you a few comments. Until then, Sincerely, Jay Moreno


As I was saying...

Sheriff sued over drug records:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Scene around town...

Tommy Gregory has a full-sized Vista billboard on Hwy 40 - visible to east bound traffic - just east of Aamco. Lawyers Robbie Morgan and Clyde Urquhart have bravely placed two large Tommy Gregory placards in front of their offices on Hwy 40. Coldwell Banker Realty on Spur 40 is displaying a Gregory campaign sign. I'm guessing local Realtors are less than thrilled with the nationwide negative publicity BTW has brought to Camden County. Yet another black church, out of either ignorance or defiance, is sporting a Smith campaign sign on their property. This time, it's Young Zion Baptist Church, on Hwy 40, across the street from Saturday Park. Let me know if you guys spot any more churches with Smith signs, or any other campaign related observations of interest. By the way, if you too would like to courageously display a Gregory lawn sign or bumper sticker BEFORE July 15th, just send Tommy an e-mail at: Update, Tuesday, 6/24: My informant was absolutely correct. It would appear that the going price for having Young Zion Missionary Baptist Church plant a Bill Smith campaign sign on their lawn is $750.00 - that we know of. See for yourself: Thanks again to Rick Rogers for maintaining such a wealth of evidence on his blog.

Not too shabby for an old dog, eh?

Or, for that matter, a "fat dumb ass from Savannah," eh, Deputy Mills?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


... ya been to California yet?

Sunday Funnies, Volume 17

Another one from Uncle Harry in Adelaide, Autralia: Last week, we took some friends out to a new restaurant and noticed that the waiter who took our order carried a spoon in his shirt pocket. It seemed a little strange. When another waiter brought our water, I noticed he also had a spoon in his shirt pocket. Then I looked around and saw that all the staff had spoons in their pockets. When the waiter came back to serve our soup I asked, 'Why the spoon?' 'Well, he explained, 'the restaurant's owners hired some consultants to revamp all our processes After several months of analysis, they concluded that the spoon was the most frequently dropped utensil. It represents a drop frequency of approximately 3 spoons per table per hour. If our personnel are better prepared, we can reduce the number of trips back to the kitchen and save 15 man-hours per shift.' As luck would have it, I dropped my spoon and he was able to replace it with his spare, saying 'I'll get another spoon next time I go to the kitchen, instead of making an extra trip to get it right now.' I was impressed. I also noticed that there was a string hanging out of the waiter's fly. Looking around, I noticed that all the waiters had the same string hanging from their flies. So before he walked off, I asked the waiter, 'Excuse me, but can you tell me why you have that string right there?' Oh, certainly!' Then he lowered his voice. 'Not everyone is so observant. That consulting firm I mentioned also found out that we can save time in the restroom. By tying this string to the tip of our penises, we can pull them out without touching them and eliminate the need to wash our hands, shortening the time spent in the restroom by 76.39 percent. I asked 'After you get it out, how do you put it back?' 'Well,' he whispered, 'I don't know about the others, but I use the spoon.

A letter from Chris Folsom of T.V. Camden.

Chris Folsom has left a new comment on your post "I figured as much....": I don't expect this to make it to the blog [but of course he does], but I figure I'd try anyway. First I'd like to thank you for watching TV Camden. It is indeed an honor to me for people to watch what we do. The entire concept of TV Camden is to be positive, local and informative. We are not interested 'hard news', but we are going to put on what we deem is of interest to the citizens of Camden County. Second, the press conference called by the Camden County Sheriff's office was attended not only by TV Camden, but also by K-bay 106 and virtually every news center in Jacksonville. Yes, TV Camden rushed to get the press conference on, because our community was disturbed by the murders. It was good to get this information out as soon as possible. Third, pertaining to TV Camden receiving monies form the Camden County Sheriff's office...yes, just like any other entity, has to pay to have their message or commercial on TV Camden. TV Camden has never endorsed candidate publicly or privately. In as much, when candidate for Sheriff Tommy Gregory announced his candidacy over a year ago, TV Camden covered that event and aired it multiple times, as we do all events. Finally, The Sheriff's Report, which was the program the Sheriff's Office was paying to be produced and aired, is no longer in TV Camden's program rotation. TV Camden was notified over two months ago that the Sheriff's Report was coming to an end. In addition, there is an open invitation to any local blog owner to be a guest on TV Camden. Simply communicate with me and we will arrange it. Sincerely, Chris Folsom, president, Positive Media, Inc dba TV Camden Reply: Mr. Folsom, Thank you for your letter. I watch T.V. Camden quite often, particularly for the coverage of Camden County Board of Commissioners meetings (could you please get Mr. Howard to speak up or amp up his mic or something!) I also catch Thug Void's show, Selectively Friendly Fire, as I'm flipping through the channels. Your coverage of candidates' debates is also a much appreciated and valuable service to the community. I don't have any use for the goofy stuff produced by Jason and pals, but to each his own. In short, Camden is better off having your productions than background radiation on the two local access cable channels. However, it does appear that there is, particularly in Thug Void's show, a distinct bias towards the good ol' boy incumbents and maintaining the status quo. It will be interesting to me - and, I'm sure, to you - to read what my readers have to say about T.V. Camden and the bias issue in the "comments" which are sure to follow. As to the invitation to "any local blog owner" to appear on T.V. Camden (presumably on Thug Void's show), I was wondering when BTW's people would think of attempting to set that snare. While it is true that years ago I drove a truck down here from Savannah, it was a U-Haul - not a turnip truck. I'll pass, but I'm sure your viewers would be fascinated by an interview of Deputy David Mills, the author of "Black 'Copters and Rumors." Oh, and I'm glad to hear that as a result of his drug fund "scorched earth" policy, Big Thug Willie no longer has the money to fund "The Sheriff's Report." That was always a worthless piece of Smith's propagandistic, perennial campaign fluff, funded with drug money, which could have gone a long way long way towards the purchase of the ostensibly "desperately" needed four patrol cars. Thank you for reading "Camden Commentary." Sincerely, Jay Moreno author

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bad, bad news, Big Thug: Morgan has hired Stein!

Y'all will recall that I broke this on Thursday: "Local attorney Robert Morgan has requested records of canceled checks for all state and federal seized assets accounts for the time period of July 1, 2007, through June 5, 2008." Naturally, Big Thug was not forthcoming with the info - desperately hoping to keep the newest incriminating evidence from the voters until after July 15th. No such luck. Morgan has hired Jim Stein to compel Smith to produce the information, in accordance with Georgia law. What a concept! My courthouse source tells me that Stein filed the necessary request for a hearing with the court yesterday. As a result, there will be a hearing on the matter in front of Superior Court Judge Wilkes in the Woodbine courthouse at 9:30 AM, on Thursday, the 26th of June. I will attempt to bring the data to you as soon as it is coughed up.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thuggie bunch to do brunch.

According to the T&G, folks are invited to come ask "our sheriff" any thing that's on their minds at a "brunch" to be held tomorrow at the PSA's Rec Center on Wildcat Drive, from 10:00 to 1:00. I'm sure the questioning will be tough. I wonder if the real men will be eating quiche? A la' Mary Ann, will someone please make note of and report to me the names of all elected officials, past and present, as well as all current candidates who show up at this thing and show support for our lying, criminal sheriff. I think the voters need to know.

Ad wars.

Tommy Gregory has another outstanding, well thought out, and highly effective, half-page ad in today's T&G - and in the prime spot on the op-ed page. He remains on the offensive. Big Thug's half-page, defensive attempt at a rejoinder to Tommy's first, devastating, half-page ad consists of calling Tommy a liar and a whiny, bitchy, protestation along the lines of "Well, Tommy, you had a car too when you worked for me and you didn't complain then - so there!" Then, there's this: Pathetic. Oh, by the way, my latest Gregory vs. Smith poll closed yesterday. Check out the results.

The latest attack on BTW by my minions down at the T&G. Good job, guys and gals. Standby for further instructions.

Political activity in the courthouse? Not a problem for BTW!

This just in from my main mole. Just a short while ago this morning, BTW held a MANDATORY all-hands meeting for all available CCSO personnel, both on and off duty. The meeting was held inside of the new courthouse! Smith more or less reminded all of the attendees that they worked for - and therefor owed their loyalty and votes to - him. He reminded them they were obligated - and I'm quoting here - "to dance with the one who brought you." After that he turned the meeting over to his secretary, Edna, who repeated the sheriff's admonition to "dance with the one who brought you," then sought CCSO employee "volunteers" for a laundry list of campaign assignments. This meeting and political activity in the courthosue were, per se, totally illegal. The fact that the sheriff was coercing his employees is an entirely separate crime. Just two more examples of "our sheriff's" chronic propensity to wipe his sorry. lying, sociopathic, butt upon any and all laws he finds even mildly inconvenient to obey. And these Thuggie assholes have the temerity to bitch about where Jodi Gregory LEGALLY parks her truck! By the way, just as the meeting was breaking up, Sandy Feller showed up. Not sure if he was late for the meeting, or just happened upon it. I'm sure he'll call and tell me in a little bit. Anyway, he was seen having an extended chat with Charlie Easterling. Note to mole: I was home, but "indisposed." Thanks.

Okay, ya got me.

Skepticle Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #18 11 hrs ago " Bill has my vote wrote: 'If anybody did post reasons to vote for Bill Smith you guys accuse them of being on his payroll or obtaining favors for votes so whats the point?? You guys don't want spirited debates, you want to just be right..Everything he does gets criticized, he can't win. If does nothing he doesn't care, he does something then you accuse him of show boating..WTF People!!!!!!! Bill Smith will be re-elected, Tommy Gregory is a puppet for Steve Berry, he is no angel either.' What I hear is that Jay has a group of 4 that post with different monikers from different areas and just keep the pounding on." You're right: there is no spontaneous ground swell of opposition to Bill Smith based upon all of the revelations in the media. I did it. My minions and I have duped all of the people who are opposed to Bill Smith. Now that I've been exposed, I'm sure all of the dupees will repent and vote for Bill on the 15th. So, if you want to save a little gas, just stay home on the 15th.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lying sheriff's bogus vehicle roster busted!

Do you still have your hard copy of yesterday's T&G? Good. Now find the page with the bogus list of cars and drivers, complete with the ten missing "undercover cars." Now, let's compare it to the real list, published last September on Rick's blog. Just place your cursor over the thumbnails of the two roster pages and left click to enlarge. You'll have to use your right arow at the bottom of your screen to see the column listing who drives which car. Note that the harem is, if we are to believe BTW, involved in "undercover work." I rest my case. Thanks, "Charlie B" for the invaluable research asistance! Thanks, Rick! Update, 6/20, @0856 HRS. This morning, I see that Rick Rogers has brought the original car roster back tot he top of his blog. Just click on: Thanks-a-million, Rick!

TOPIX has turned.

I have to laugh. When the Thuggies conned TOPIX administrators into banning me, they thought that they would be able to erase all of the evidence against Big Thug and turn Topix Kingsland into one, big, Bill Smith love fest. Well, as the election gets nearer, it's not turning out that way at all. Check it out.

Big Thug street walking in front of Applebee's.

Yes, Big Thug was seen on Hwy 40 in front of Applebee's this morning trolling forlornly for votes. Some wags have observed that he was not really looking all that good in the neighborhood. Anyone have a good digital photo of street-walking Willie?

Note to less-than-daily readers...

Here of late, there has been enough going on that I am sometimes eating up an entire page with "new" news and commentary in one day. If you are not checking in literally every day, then you would be well advised to read the first page, then click on "older posts" so as not to miss anything.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amen, brother!

From TOPIX, Kingsland woodbine news Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #28 2 hrs ago "sandy (Feller) wrote: i am told that carper cleaned sb clock. is that true? Sorry Sandy. Smith basically announced that she was his candidate so she could join David Rainer and Charlene Sears and once again give Smith a majority and 9.3 million a year and anything else he wanted. She does not have a snowball's chance in hell. " Gawd, let's hope not. Could there possibly be that many absolute, blithering idiots residing in Berry's district?

I figured as much....

At 9:12 PM, as I was flipping throught the channels on the intellectual wasteland that is COMCAST in St. Marys, I came across about the last minute of the T.V. Camden broadcast of today's BTW self-congratulatory new conference. It was rushed to air in less than 7 hours after it was video taped. No doubt, it will get heavy play for the next few days - as did the Eagle's Club candidate's forum, which Smith apparently thinks was a vote winning tour de force. Bear in mind that the drug expenditure records on Rick's blog showed that Chris Folsom at T.V. Camden had a steady, bread-and-butter revenue of $600.00 per month for his fledgling enterprise from the seized assets for producing and airing the Simper Fido propaganda show. That was a year ago. No telling what it's up to now. Oh, by the way, as of this moment, 9:30 PM, 117 of you have viewd this blog 452 times today. That's 114 first time visitors and 54 returning visitors. That blows yesterday's new record right out of the water. It may well hit 500 views by midnight. Way to go! 6/19 @ 0821 HRS: 517 hits yesterday - a new record! Outstanding! (Versus 7 for Deputy Mills' "Black 'Copters and Rumors" - and 2 of those were mine! :-) )

Found on Sandy Feller's blog:

Comment by Priceless It was brought to the public attention in Woodbine that David Rainer pays a whooping $4.75 for his property taxes. All Rainer could say “I pay whatever the bill says that I owe” Teed Off wouldn’t you like to have a deal like that. What does that say for the Tax Commissioner and how many others receive such a sweetheart deal. You’re right we must vote them all out in July. Posted on June 18, 2008 at 10:13 am Can anyone verify this? True? You decide. Recent Sales in Area Previous Parcel Next Parcel Return to Main Search Page Subscription Home Camden Home Owner and Parcel Information Owner Name RAINER DAVID L & Today's Date June 18, 2008 Mailing Address YVONNE Parcel Number K21 07 001 P O BOX 485 KINGSLAND, GA 31548 Tax District KINGSLAND (District 02) Location Address 119 WILLIAM ST EAST 2006 Millage Rate 27.128 Legal Description H/LOT MAY & WILLIAM ST'S Acres 0.5 Class Code(NOTE: Not Zoning Info) R3-Residential Special Neighborhood Homestead Exemption Yes (LC) Landlot/District / Parcel Map Maps available with subscription 2008 Preliminary Value Information LandValue ImprovementValue AccessoryValue TotalValue PreviousValue $ 17,280 $ 78,302 $ 1,260 $ 96,842 $ 96,842 More detailed information is available via subscription service. Details here The Camden County Tax Assessor's Office makes every effort to produce the most accurate information possible. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use or interpretation. Website Updated: May 29, 2008 Someone want to do the math?

Okay, here are both the written and audio versions of the NPR report.

This just in.....

from another of my highly reliable sources: "Local attorney Robert Morgan has requested records of canceled checks for all state and federal seized assets accounts for the time period of July 1, 2007, through June 5, 2008. The non information office William Terrell is jerking Morgan around and has advised it would cost a bunch of money and they have to have a part time employee prepare the documents, and interestingly enough, if Morgan wants copies of the federal documents he is to contact the U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, and yaddie yar, etc. Morgan being smarter than Terrell, which the average turtle is, didn't accept that load of B.S. Morgan requested that they just contact the bank in Darien and request the information. Morgan has requested that the bank be given an authorization by tomorrow. The Sheriff is jumping up and down because he doesn't want that information out before the election. At least the federal folks have some information. Terrell is left hanging trying to dodge the request and Smith has to sweat this one out. " I'm sure I'll be able to bring those records to you soon after they are received.

Big Thug stars on NPR this afternoon.

It's 4:22PM. I'm listening to NPR's "All Things Conisdered" right now. The peicve has not yet aired, but they referenced it at the beginning of the show. If you want to catch it, first try tuning in FM 89.9 out of Jax. If you're south of Harriets Bluff, it should come in just fine. If you're north of there, try somewhere between 88 and 91 on your FM dial. You'll surely be able to get Gerogia Public Radio out of Brunswick or Waycross. If you miss it live, here's where you can go just after 7:00 this evening to read the story and listen to it (written version slightly more detailed). Also, you want to be sure to buy a hard copy of today's T&G. They are running the full transcript of a broadcast from NPR about a year ago where a reporter out of Savannah did a story about BTW's drug fund corruption. The guy won a national award for it. Somehow, that never made it onto the sheriff's website. 4:42. Okay, I just heard it. They refer to the drug funds as Smith's "personal slush fund." They played a snippet of Smith's saccharine campaign song; Smith himself speaks a few times - in praise of himself - ; moderator says Smith has built a "law enforcement empire;" speaking of the boats Smith has bought, the moderator observes that some local critics have started making references to "the CamdenCounty navy" (another reader!); they mention the $90,000 Viper. Simper Fido takes the reporter out to see it and is heard bragging that it won first place as the best D.A.R.E. car at a national D.A.R.E (I know I'm proud); the $250,000 to the Citadel; the $50.00 payments to inmates. Steve Berry is interviewed and speaks twice. When Berry brings up how the inmates built the house at the Ponderosa, Smith counters that it is a lie and reminds the reporter that Berry is, after all, a fiction writer. What snappy reparte'! When you head to the polls on the 15th, don't forget that this story about Camden County corruption was just broadcast to every city of any size in all 50 states and to the Armed Forces Radio Network overseas. Well, there's just enough time left for a precautionary puke before watching the news at five. I'll be back. 5:18 PM. Okay, I just saw the coverage of the arrest and the news conference on Channel 4, WJXT. Mercifully, there were only two quick glimpses of BTW at the news conference. The two of them could not have been more than 4 seconds. I heard him spouting that line about how it is a tragedy when crime "invades" Camden County, the subliminal message of course being that under the leadership of Big Thug, we don't actually have in indigenous, home-grown crime. Right! Oh, and, apparently, not only were the two "victims" cousins, but "Blue" is kin to at least one, if not both of them. I wonder if Big Thug will hold a "barbecue-by-Blue" fund raising cookout between now and July 15th? Hey, how much more outrageous would that be than some of the other things he's done?