Thursday, March 31, 2011

Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams run amok?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It would appear that something is terribly wrong with Judge Amamda Wiliams' handling of her "drug court."

You would be well advised to read this before the next election. I'm not sure that justice can really wait that long.

I'm a law and order conservative but his is really shocking. The bit about her own husband being a recoverung addict rings a huge alarm bell for me.


You're not alone.

Read these comments.

Addendum: Thanks to the reader who sent in comment #1 below. Check this out:


ssb-9a said...

Please help us! We have been suffering since this woman took office in 1990! Now that her power-mad corruption has finally reached national attention we have a chance to finally get rid of her. Don't believe there's real corruption in Brunswick? Our local paper has still yet to print one word about this. Listen to the podcast. Google her name. This doesn't even address her conduct in civil and criminal court! The story Our site.

Read more at : Thank You for any way you can help us.(update)Well this mess finally made the paper six days since the first broadcast,cleaver how they tried to discredit the movement by having her people send out bogus death threats.

Anonymous said...

okay, let me get this straight. you enter the program, stay clean for three years, get your arrest record removed and get on with your life. Sounds fair to me.

Jay Moreno said...

Two choices" You've either not actually read the transcript of the radio show or you're a total idiot.

Which is it?