Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Folks, we may well have a problem.

Mr. Slate

Police Complaint Center

Mr. Greg Slate,

I am sending you this to ensure the complete message goes through, I was unsure if there was enough space on your website. Once again thank you for everything you have done.

On May 19, 2010 my wife and I went to her doctor’s appt. When we walked through the door they had the food network on and my wife asked them to shut it off or change the channel. She has issues with her stomach and can't handle the raw food. That is why we were at the doctors. The nurse said no, and told us if we didn't like it we could wait outside. So we went outside. When the nurse came out to get us, she called my wife by the wrong name, and my wife corrected her. Now there is a history with this nurse, she violated my wife's HIPPA rights, and was let go when the doctor moved his practice. When the doctor was looking for more help, we begged him not to hire her, but he did anyway and promised we would not have any problems. When we got back into the room the nurse was being a smart ass, so I called her a smart ass, and that is when she turned from walking out the door and started charging at me. I fell into the corner of the exam room and tripped over a chair, and then the nurse went after my wife. Then as I was getting up a second nurse came running in and started hitting my wife. By the time I got to my feet both nurse had my wife flat on her back hitting her. Oh I forgot to mention that my wife had back surgery that was botched back in 2003. She has two steel rods in her back. My wife had two handfuls of hair and was pulling as hard as a 95 pound woman could pull. When I got to the pile the doctor was already there and I yelled at him to get those fucking bitches off of my wife. They all got up and left the room. I immediately called 911, no one else in that office did. I then called a second time and requested an ambulance. We sat in the room until the cops arrived. Officer Hamlett came into the room and didn’t say a word, a minute later Officer Riggle came charging in to the room and stepped over my wife and told me to stand up and he grabbed my arms, slapped cuffs on me, and picked me up and slammed me into the chair. I asked him if I could make a statement and he told me to sit there and shut up. As we sat there another few minutes a man went running down the hall. Officer Hamlett asked me who was that, I said I don’t know. He went briefly out the door and returned less than 30 seconds later and said it was some guy from Charlton County Sheriff’s Office, and I said oh that is the nurses’ husband amazing how he got here so fast. (Charlton County is one county over from Camden the one I live in) I could here the Deputy from another county through the walls and he was yelling at officer Riggle to arrest us now. During all of that the ambulance arrived and took my wife to the hospital. She was later cleared to be transported to the jail. And also was transported to the Camden County Substation in Kingsland. When I arrived at the substation Officer Albertie asked me what my relationship with Bob Godley was. I thought that was an odd question for someone to ask me when I had no idea who officer Albertie was. I asked him several times why he asked that question, and he refused to answer. About 10:30 PM I was transported to the Camden County Jail. I was place in a holding cell with 4 or 5 other people and a puddle of pee all over the floor. I complained several times to please have the pee cleaned up and all officers refused. I even got into a yelling match with one officer at about 3:00 pm on May 20, 2010. He told me it was not his job to clean up after the inmates. When I request a form to speak to the Sheriff about this problem one officer finally brought a trustee to clean it up and my form to speak with the Sheriff. After 18 hours in a holding cell I was taken back to the main jail. Later the next day I was released.

One, and I have many, complaint I have today is when I look at the police report, the report was done in first person format. Meaning the officer that wrote it said “I talked to and I did this and I did that” Well in the police report Officer Hamlett said that he talked to the nurses and that is not true he never left my side except to find out who ran down the hall. Officer Riggle was the one that talked to the nurses and he is the one that got all the information. So Officer Hamlett never mentions Riggle in the report at all. Now Bob Godley is important because he used to be a County Sheriff who was fired when the new Sheriff took over, because of what I found out about Godley’s employment history. Bob Godley and Officer Riggle worked together at the Sheriff’s Office and at the City of St. Marys, they are good friends. When Godley was fired he worked for a police dept. in Folkston and worked directly with the deputy that showed up on the scene.

Godley also posted a thread on Topix Kingsland less than an hour after my arrest, and then months later after I said that would be used in court, he paid Topix to have his posts removed. But I have most of them, and Topix will provide the rest. In these posts he talked about getting me arrested, and saying he told me he would do. Another posts states “there is a new sheriff in town and he started before 2012.”

Rick Rogers


Anonymous said...

the problem is, that broomstick, aka rick rodgers is trying to get a free ride on some Dr.s insurance, I hope it gets investigated by the best and the truth be known, and rick gets whats comming to him.

Jay Moreno said...

I agree. I hope he gets every dollar coming to him and I also hope that the perpetrators of this apparent set up get every year coming to them - especially the sworn officers involved.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

I agree also, I am willing to take a lie detector test, Are the nurses?

I would love for another angency to investigate this.

Anonymous said...

Why do you believe Rogers' version? Have you spoken with any of the police?

Jay Moreno said...

Rogers version is a first hand account from beginning to end.

The three [police officers each came in at different points and only personally witnessed what happened after their arrival.

Obviously, I would not consider the deputy sheriff from Charlton who is not only the husband of the first attacking nurse but I've recently learned used to work with the known degenerate Godley at the Charlton Sheriff's Office jsut before St. Marys made the mistake of hiring him.

Insofr as Riggle is a friend of the degenerate Godley, a Smith trained thug, I would lend no credence to his comments either.

I think the 3rd officer, the first to arrive, suspects a set up as well but would never brak the blue silence.

My best guess is that Rick is telling the truth and that this was a set up.

The nurse, an old enemy of the Rogers, had plenty of advance notice of the day and time of the appointment. A close friend of Godley's slaps the cuffs on Rick.
The Charlton County deputy husband appears on the scene not five minutes after the assault - from Charlton County. Those Charlton cars must have warp drive.

No, this whole thing smacks of a set up concieved by Bob Godley and executed with the collusion of at least the first nurse to attack, her sworn husband, ands Oficer Riggle. That will likely never be rpoven, but I beleive it to be exactly what happened.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

You are right on Jay,

Josh Hamlett and I sat in exam room 3 for a long time, while Riggle was speaking to the nurses. When Riggle charged into the room and slapped the cuffs on me Hamlett look shocked.

I believe Hamlett is a good officer who is being pressured by Hatch.

And I think Hatch is only pressuring him now, because Hatch can see it too, and won't admit it.

I used to think Hatch was a good guy and would search for the truth. He should have said sure Rick come on in and we will give one. And then we could have taken action then. But that was a year ago and the longer it drags on the worse it looks for hatch. Hence the job search.

Both Hatch and Riggle were content in their jobs only after this incident did they start looking. They know if I get a lie detector test that it will prove I did nothing wrong and that I was setup by the nurses.

I will even go one step further and say Riggle was part of the setup, but he was part of the coverup.

Godley and the nurses used Riggle and when Riggle found out about it, it was either throw his friend Bob under the bus, or coverit up and get the hell out of dodge.

And Jay I have only shown a small portion of my evidence. The DA hasn't seen any of it, and when they do they will probably throw this case out.

Jay Moreno said...

I hope so and I wish you success in a civil action.

This kind of crap has gone on in Camden far too long.

Pittsoff said...

Why go to a doctor's office where there is a "past" with a certain nurse there???? There are tons of doctors in the area.

It doesn't make sense

Jay Moreno said...

Re-read Rick's account with an open mind. The nurse had been fired as a result of complaints from thge Rogers and presumably other patients. She was subsequently re-hired. It may well be that the Rogers did not know she was re-hired.

Even if they did, would YOU let one nurse with a shitty attitude run you off if you felt the doctor was doing a good job of treating your wife?

Pittsoff said...

They knew she was re-hired because they talked with the doctor to try to stop her from being re-hired.

All I am saying is all we have is Rick's story...not the nurses. So it is one sided.

Just seems there were problems that arose that didn't need to be.

Why was the Food Network Channel a problem???....Really??? If you can't see "raw food" don't look at the TV. Read a magazine. You can't hear "raw food".

Rick has been asked what the "wrong name" was that his wife was called, that constituted him calling the nurse a dumbass....he has yet to answer that one.

So if it is as you say, and the nurse was once fired becasue of complaints from them, and let's say for arguments sake, she was a little stand offish or maybe even slightly rude.....doesn't seem that Rick and his wife did anything stand uppish to show themselves of any better character. Calling a nurse a dumbass??? Is he that easily angered? Again I don't know because he hasn't answered the "wrong name question" yet.

Just seems if there was tension ...Rick and his wife did nothing but work to escalate it into what it became.

Jay Moreno said...

Okay, for sake of discussion, let's assume that ALL of your points are valid ( and I don't really.)

That being the case, and, for the sake of discussion, assuming that all the rest of Ricks narrative is True (and I do), tell me this:

Is it your contention that under the law, the NURSES (plural) were justified in knocking Rick backwards over and chair then both jumping on his 95 pound wife, whom they KNEW to be ill and have two pins in her spine?

Is it your contention that you find it an irrelevant coincidence that the nurse who was fired and was the first to attack is married to a deputy sheriff who worked with Bob Godley in Charlton County?

Is it your contention that you find nothing suspicious about the said deputy husband of the attacking nurse was able to make it to the doctor's office, in uniform, presumably from Charlton County, in no more than five minutes after the incident took place?

Is it your contention that the fact that the arresting officer from St. Marys is also a friend of Bob Godley's who worked with him on the SMPD before Godley was fired from there as well is also irrelevant coincidence?

Is it your contention that you find nothing at all odd about the fact that despite it being Rick Rogers who called 911 and requested the police, HE and his wife, the victims of the assault, were arrested by SMPD Officer Riggle after said arrest was loudly demanded of him by the first assaulting nurse's husband, a fellow sworn officer and fellow friend of Bob Godley, without having once asked the Rogers their side of the story?

Is it your contention that the fact that Godley had threatened Rogers on Topix that he would find some way to have him arrested is irrelevant?

Do you honestly feel that you should not be excluded from a jury if this goes to trial criminally and/or civilly? Is it not obvious to you that you are ignoring evidence based upon your apparent animus towards Rogers?

Pittsoff said...

I have seen no evidence. Only what Rick has said.

I do not know Rick Rogers. I also don't believe it to be true, because he states it.

Let's discuss some of this:

My assertion under the law tht the nurse was justified in kocking Rick over and jumping on his wife. Why did this happen? Hs anyone answered this? Did they just out of the blue decide to attack them? What Lead To The Attack? Was it a series of things? Did they "corner" one of the nurses in the back room? So my assertion on whether they were justified< I cannot answer, I wasn't there. And would need more then just Rick's version. If they TRULY di NOTHING wrong, then no they are not justified.....but verdict still out on that.

The nurse being married to a deputy who used to work with Bob Godley doesn't explain what lead to the attack.....but it is a coincidence

Maybe the nurses husband was off work and came to see her. Maybe he was seeing her before work. Maybe he had some business in Camden, heard of the incdent and came to check on his wife.

I contend that they were arrested for a reason. Only reading Rick's version....verdict still out.

Roger's also threatens people on Topix and his blog all the time

I could be impartial on a jury.

Again, I do not know Rick Rogers. I have simply asked questions and brought up certain points that don't make sense to me. If he refuses to answer the question, then one is lead to draw their own conclusion.

But I don't believe it to be fact simply because he say's so. I don't believe him to be important enough for som ehuge conspiracy theory. I have agreed with some of his stuff and disagreed with I have you Jay. It's not personal....I don't personally know either of you. So for me to make a true judgement of character, I can not. I can only base on what I have seen on the blogs....but I can base my questions on past info...which is why, as ademant as Rick is in causing waves......I have questioned what lead to the attack.

I don't buy the set up conspiracy theory.....I think there is more to the incident then he is saying.

That's all.

Jay Moreno said...

So, you think there is a circumstance under which Rick havinfg SAID things justifies a physical attack by the two nurses?

Do you think that the first nureses propensity to attack had nothing to do with her husband being a Charlton cop with friends on the SMPD?

You are obviously disinclined to believe Rogers and believe the nurses? Why?

Just because you consider Rogers a pariah, does that justify setting up a trap and luring him into it with the express purpose of habving him arrested to avenge his revelations about the perv Bob Godley?

The Rogers had an APPOINTMENT. The plotters knew well in advance when they would be there. Given the nature of the relationaship bewtwen all of the parties involved and Godley's prior threats to have him arrested as revenge, you see NO POSSIBILITY that his could all be a setup?

How long have you lived in Camden County?

Jay Moreno said...

Have you noty seen all that Rogers has done to "out"Bob Godley as someone who has no buisness being a sworn law enforcement officer? Have you hnot read the threats, clearly made by Godley, to have Rogers arrested? Given that Godley is no longer employed as a police officer in Camden County, having been fired from CASO, SMPD, and base security for moral turpitude, does it not make sense that he would have to enlist the aid of corrupt or corruptible officers known to him who still are employed.

It seems that your premise is that because Rogers is a pariah to certain peole - mainly sour-grapes Thuggies - that it is okay to wipe your ass on his civil rights.

It is clearly to me that the Rogers alked into a scheduled (i.e., known appointment date and time) trap initiated by either the nurse or Bob Godley. Either way, it is obvious to me that Godley was complicit in it at some point.

Pittsoff said...

First off, I haven't seen anything to show that Rick is actually important enough to warrant such a elaborate scheme.

More over that a nurse or nurses would risk jail and their careers, to attack Rick for no apparant reason.

I have lived in Camden for 25 years....I know of which you are leading......Rick doesn't seem important enough to me to warrant such a set up.

There is more to the story. Is either party right? Or wrong? I do not know, I don't think Rick and his wife are as helpless and harmless in this incident as he is trying to play it out....that is my main point.

I have asked some questions he doesn't answer....and simple ones like:

What was the wrong name they called his wife tht lead to his duragatory statement to the nurse?

Why was the Food Channel on the TV such an issue? If it was the raw food. Don't look at it? Read a magazine.

Certainly not case ruining questions.....but one's he won't answer.

My whole thing is, forget the smoke and mirrors about was this done right, was that done right, why was so and so there....we have an incident....that happened.....WHY did it happen? What lead to it happening? According to Rick, the nurse just jumped him.....that I don't buy.

Not saying she didn't.....but something else happened, or a course of actions happened that lead to his "said attack"

That's all I am saying.

Pittsoff said...

I don't think simply because Rick "Said something" that it warrants an attack. Could it happen? Sure.

I think there is much more to the story that lead to the attack that he is not saying.

I don't necessarily believe one over the other. We only have Rick's story, which to me doesn't make sense...that a nurse would simply attack him for no reason.

I don't understand f there was the propensity fr trouble visiting this certain office, why go. There are other doctors offices in the area, is called avoiding trouble.

Again, I think you are giving Rick too much credit for how important he is to warrant such a grandeous plot.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Pittsoff you said

"Roger's also threatens people on Topix and his blog all the time"

Name one?
One person and what I said to threaten them just one!!!!

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Did you know Godley sent them flowers, Yes with a card that said job well done ladies.

Got that from the florist.

Jay Moreno said...

So, Pittsdoff, if Iunderstand your "logic," was does not need to rise to the level of pariah to be the victim of a setup. Rick, according to you, was not anywhere near important enough for Godley and or the nurse to fuck with.

So, you've lived here for 25 years. Let me rephrase my question. How long have you actually been paying attention to the nature of the G.O.B. power structure in the county?

Rick played a major role in the defeat of Bill Smith and the election of Tommy Gregory. Moreover, he revealed Godley for the sexual degenerate that he is and caused the nurse to be fired for a shitty attitude towards patients. Of course, you don;t think that any of the aforementioned parties would think to fuck with Rogers because of that. Are you really going to stick with that absurd opinion?

Do you think I was sufficiently important in 1995 to be falsely arrested to keep me from being elected to city council? The fact is that I was and I had only arived here on August 3rd, 1993 (yes, 18 years tomorrow.).

And yes, please do cite where and when Rick ROgers has threatened a soul? I've been reading Topix and his blog since their respectivce inceptions. It has NEVER happened.

Pittsoff said...

OK, I'll concede...maybe threaten wasn't the correct wording.

That aside.

Would people want to "fuck with Rogers" as you put it, because of things he did? Maybe. I do not know. How "powerful" is he outside of "blog world"???

Is he worth losing your job over by attacking??? I wouldn't think so.

There are other ways to get people.

Truly how much of a factor was he in Bill Smith losing??? Maybe a good bit in "blog world", but that is a small portion in retrospect.

My whole point is, I have never met Rick, I have never met you. Yes, I visit the blogs and Topix, other than that I would have no knowledge of you or Rick.

So leads me to question "Really?? How important????

By the way, I still have questions in regards to the name called and the Food Channel issue....

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Pittsoff said...

I have asked some questions he doesn't answer....and simple ones like:

What was the wrong name they called his wife tht lead to his duragatory statement to the nurse?

Rick's Answer:

She was purposely mispronouncing it. 10 years with this doctor, and this is the first day she couldn't get the name right. Nothing hard about Nella!!!!

So my wife asked to to pronouce it right. Nothing wrong with that is there?

Pittsoff said...

Why was the Food Channel on the TV such an issue? If it was the raw food. Don't look at it? Read a magazine.

Rick's Answer:

The nurse told us, "if you don't like it wait outside" So we did, it's in the police report. Why would a doctors office who sees sick patients many of which have stomach problems make their patients wait outside? But we did go outside and did exactly as we were told.

WHY did it happen? What lead to it happening? According to Rick, the nurse just jumped him.....that I don't buy.

Rick's Answer:
It happened because this nurse wanted pay back for the HIPPA violation. In fact the violation had to due with problems my wife had at the office with her stomach, hence the reason for turning off the T.V.

So mister smarty pants you know so much, why did Bob send them flowers?

Why did Bob make a big deal on topix and then pay to have his posts remove? The posts that said he all but had me thrown in jail. Why?

Why did Hatch decide it was time to go?

What about Riggle? Why isn't his name in the police report?

Why did Hamlett say he talked to the nurses when he didn't?

And did Riggle apporove the report when he knew it wasn't right?

And why not give me a lie detector test? If I am lying they would have the proof they need hands down.

Now answer my questions.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

And yes please tell me who I have threatened.

You demanded answers from me, I gave them now you do the same.

Jay Moreno said...

Okay, Pittsoff, your questions have been asked and well answered.

Does getting up and going outside after a smart assed, obviously spoiling-for-a-fight, vengeful, conspiring bitch of an RN suggests that what you do sound like the actions of a couple spoiling for a fight or looking for a pay day?

I think not.

Pittsoff said...

Smartypants????? Really???


I have never said I "KNOW" anything in reagrds to this incident...that's why I asked questions. All I have done is "talked" back and forth...don't think I have called you any names, or anything of the like. I have simply ASKED questions. I never demanded answers...actually I said you didn't have to answer me.

I have already stated that maybe "threatened" wasn't correct.

I wasn't there, don't run or work for the police department, and don't know any of these people to be able TO answer any of the questions you are asking. I have said we have only heard your side of the story.

There are 2 sides to every story.

Jay Moreno said...

Indeed there are - and hopefully, bith sides will be heard by both a criminal and a civil trial jury.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Pittsoff said...

There are 2 sides to every story.

Yes there is and wouldn't the police want to hear both sides?

Remember the DA has not seen any of my evidence yet!!!!!

But when she does, I feel pretty good she will drop this case.