Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm baack!

I had to re-activate this blog.

Stay tuned.

I am about to reveal some interesting insights into the inner workings of St. Marys secretive shadow government.


Anonymous said...

You are a vile, hated racist. I hope you rot in hell you piece of shit. You'll pay for all the crap you've tried to pull on people. You have it coming and I'll make sure it happens. Go ahead and delete. I'll make sure you read it on Topix. Fuck you you douchebag.

Jay Moreno said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I decided to let this one through as an exemplar of the kind of vile, cowardly, scum that supports my opponent, Comrade Bob Nutter, in this election.

This is no doubt some of the same criminal scum who has stolen and will continue to steal my campaign signs. As before, Comrade Bob will claim no responsibility as he can't control what people who support him do but neither will he denounce their actions. It's the Alinskyite way.