Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another case from the "Oh, but MY pitbull would never do that!" files.



Anonymous said...

I for one, am for the eradication of this entire species. There is no such thing as a good pit bull. People have destroyed this breed with their insatiable need for a blood thirsty fighter.

Jay Moreno said...

I agree entirely. I just had one lunge at me and my dog on our daily walk last week.

All currently living should face mandatory spaying and neutering.

All who assualt a human or anothe ranimal should be put down immediately.

Owning one in a household with children should constitute felony child endangerment.

Anonymous said...

how about we just eradicate the entire k9 species because all dogs could be drivin or tormented enough to bite a human. and while were at it lets get rid of those evil pariots cause last month i went to a friends house and his lunged at me as i walked past his cage. im tired of the pregetice torward these animals. i have owned five dogs myself and my apbt is by far the smartest, loyal, and docile dog by far. my pit snuggles up and sleeps with our cat and is great with our kids and i have video and pics to prove it . pits are probly the most loyal dog there is and they will try there best to make there owner happy and do what they want but the onwers wants and intentions arent always peaceful. i have met pits that i would not want to be around and would never let be around my kids but i woundnt want to be around its owner ether. just like there are good and bad people there are good and bad dogs and the outcome is entirely the owners choice. and just in case you didnt know spot from the little rascals was a apbt perfect example of the model apbt family pet

Jay Moreno said...

Let me call your attention to the title of this post.

That was chosen quite carefully. Think about it. That isa exaqctly what you are saying.

Unfortunately, those words likely had come out of the mouth of every owner of every pit bull who ever seriously mauled or killed a human being.

It is simply in their nature - put there by man's deliberate selective breeding.

The only way to undo that mistake is to eradicate the species.

I sincerely hope that your last dying thoughts as your dog rips out your throat are not "Damn, Jay was right!"