Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nutter Gang utterly defeated! City exonerated!


Now, Nutter Gang, kindly shut the hell up and just slither away.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the decision is over. Let the Nutty gang walk with their tails between their legs! But, being the Nutty gang, they won't. Now they want to attack the
validity of the grand jury.which was high and mighty until the results were revealed. And they got the stupid paper to print a unbelievable editorial. Again, they didn't get what they wanted so they have to whine!!!! Talk about spin!!!! It all goes back to the election and the fact that the good old boys did not win. Change is not good in their minds. Purposely ruining reputations just to make your own agenda is unbelievable. What a bunch of bafoons!

Jay Moreno said...

Their actions go way beyond mere buffoonery. Those people are truly evil bastards.