Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bob Nutter runs off council's city manager choice to enhance his own campaign prospects!

Way to go, Bob, oh great, selfless protector of the people's interests!

Last night, while the mayor and council met in one room of the DDA building to hammer out the final details of Mr. Crowell's contract, BobNutter was in the larger room steadily telling the council's choice what all was wrong with St.Marys city government.

When the mayor and council emerged and presented the contract, the prospective city manager, quite to council's surprise, said that he would like to take the proposed contract to dinner with him and his wife to read it and talk it over.

Later in the evening, Mr. Crowell called the mayor and declined the offer.

One of the other candidates, the second choice, was hired away by another city during the process. Now, unless we hire the third choice, the city will have to write off all of the expenses incurred in the search so far and start all over.

Thanks so much, Bob. It's a damned shame you and your Nutty Buddies can't be billed for this along with the money you radical, leftist, eco-loon, pricks forced the city to piss away defending against y'all's scurrilous grand jury campaign gambit.

Voters, come November, please remember what these bastards have done when you go to the polls.

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