Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good eats!

I just got back last night from a couple of days in Savannah.
I had two really good dining experiences.

One was at a chain restaurant in Pooler, GA called "Cheddar's." I had never heard of it until I overheard the clerk at my motel telling another guest that there was a Cheddar's nearby. The guest, a guy about 6'5" tall and an estimated 350 lbs., was elated. He said he loved Cheddars. Based upon what seemed a highly qualified endorsers endorsement, I gave it a try. Good move. I wish we would get one here. It would be Camden's best restaurant acquisition yet!

Check 'em out.

For an appetizer, I had the spinach dip with tortilla chips and salsa. It was excellent. For an entree, I had the grilled Atlantic salmon with bourbon glaze served on a bed of yellow rice laced with green peas, sweet baby carrots, and cole slaw. All of it was absolutely delicious. Ambiance and service were great. Reasonable prices. Good, strong, tea.

Yesterday, I had lunch at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. The crab cakes were seasoned and prepared to absolute perfection. The Savannah red rice was as good as it gets. The cole slaw was cut in such a way (see the picture) that it was really crunchy and the dressing was so light that you could savor the raw cabbage flavor, which I really like. They start you off with a basket with about a dozen hot-out-of-the-oven bite sized corn muffins (more like a hybrid between a traditional corn muffin and a cup cake) served with a ramekin of whipped butter with a light touch of honey. Delicious! Ambiance and service were both excellent! Moderately priced for the quality. Naturally, they had real, strong, Southern iced tea.

Check it out.

I give both my unqualified highest recommendation.

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