Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bird's airport contracts.

Here is the page in contention with regards to CURRENT ownership of Burd's hangars - the actual metal buildings, not the ground they sit upon that clearly belongs to the Airport Commission.

To enlarge, click once on the thumbnail of the page then click on "view original." Let it come back up, then click on it a second time. The thumbnails appear in the same order as they do on this page

Let me call your attention to paragraph 8. Read it. Now, ol' slick Burd maintains that the words "that upon the fulfilment of this agreement" means when the last construction wrench is turned on the hangar, ownership passes to the Airport Commission. How convenient and self-serving an interpretation.

Now read paragraph 9. The first sentence says that "The term of this lease shall be for a period of 25 years...."

I maintain that the words "upon fulfillment of this agreement" refer to 25 years AFTER the date it was signed. In that case the Airport Commission would not take ownership until 25 years later.

If that is true then the Airport Commission does not currently own the actual hangars.

If they don't own it then who do you think does - the Hangar Faerie or Greg Bird?

Now, the weasel Burd will try to say that  if they had meant the lease - i.e., the 25 year lease, in paras 8, they would have said "lease" rather than agreement. Nice try but no cigar! Take a look at the first page, above. In the top center of the page, the title of the legal document is "Lease Agreement." Ergo, it is obvious to me tha the words "lease" and "agreement" may be, and are, used interchangeably in this document to refer to the entire lease agreement - all 25 years of it.

So, why would the lying weasel Burd prefer to bullshit the voters into believing that he does not own the hangars when in fact he does - apparently with the full complicity of his buddies and customers on the
Airport Commission. I'm coming to that just as soon as I scan another page for you.
Read paragraph 17, above, bearing in mind that the "Lessee" is Burd!

Now, think about that for a minute. Why would Burd want to maintain his bogus interpretation that says he does not CURRENTLY own the hangars and that they are in fact part of the REAL property attached to the non-taxable land of the airport RATHER THAN PERSONAL PROPERTY subject to taxes that - SO FAR - Burd has evaded paying?

It looks to me like some legal work for both Brent Green and Roger Moore and possibly a decision by Amanda Williams. Let's see if ol' slick Burd can schmooze JAWs over to his way of thinking!

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