Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chuck Trader has, of course, paid all of his "bed taxes."

Ho hum. Just debunking another desperate lie from the Burd camp on Topix. Click here to see the original lie: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/st-marys-ga

As you can see, they've all been paid. I'm sure that between being a teacher and a city councilman, Chuck simply found it more convenient to pay the taxes and the fines at a convenient time of his choosing.

Note that the taxes were paid way long ago, not three hours after the subject came up,as is the case with Burd's late financial disclosure form.

You will need to click once on each page, wait for it to come back up, then click on it once again to enlarge. As you were. The way I posted them this time, it works differently. When you click on the first one, all ten will come up as thmbnails. To see a page it larger, click on "view original once then click on the page that comes up. To see the next one, click on exit. All ten come back up. Move to the next page thumbnail, clcik on it, and repeat the process.

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