Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Funnies; Volume 199

The Christian Christmas wishes of a Mr. W. H. Burns, formerly of St. Marys, now living off of a woman in Florida:

"Julian (Jay), from those that prefer any meat if injected the right way, nuts and all.

As for your skin back is so good when you wish it upon others...karma, karma.

Christmas Eve, 2011. Has anyone called you to wish you a Merry Christmas or sent you a gift to be enjoyed and appreciated?

I think you are so enclosed in your cocoon of ego, hate,resentment, pseudo intellect, and pure bullshit
mentality, you fail to grasp what this is all about.

It is wished, by this old besotted goat, lustful, leach and so many other terms used to describe one
you do not know, nor never have a Merry Christmas.

My gift to you...If I could buy you for what you think your worth and sell you at the market price, it would be about 2 cents...give or take a penny!

Go to the bank on this!!!

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