Friday, July 23, 2010

District 4 race results by precinct.

Today's T&G is a must read. They devote a whole page to braking down the vote results by precinct.

In my race, District 4 county commissioner, there were a mere 1,002 votes cast. North St. Marys (Mary Lee Clark) accounted for 24% of those; South St. Marys (the Union Hall), 31%, and West St. Marys (the middle school, where Opsrey Cove votes), 44%.

The new political reality in St. Marys is that f you do not carry the majority of Osprey Cove votes, you can not win.

Question: Does anyone know how many registered voters actually live in Osprey Cove? Are their numbers higher than any other precinct or is their rate of voter participation higher, or both?

How did Blount fare?

At Mary Leee Clark, he got 42.97 % of the votes cast; at South St. Marys (Union Hall), 61.90%(the biggest surpise to me. By the way, that was the one precinct where I beat Weaver): and at West St. Marys (middel school / Osprey), 53.26%.

In absolute numbers, Blount got 104 votes from MLC; 195 votes from the Union Hall, and 237 votes from the middle school / Osprey Cove.

By the way, so much for that crap that I'm the darling of the Osprey Cove population. How absurd!

Here's some more data on the District 4 race.

Precinct:                  West (Osprey)      South (Union Hall)      North (MLC)
 % of votes cast:

Blount                           53.26                     61.90                     42.97

Moreno                        19.77                      19.36                     24.38

Weaver                         26.96                     18.73                      32.64

I find the Union Hall numbers to be the most surprising. No surprise that Weaver did best at MLC. Heavy on Navy retirees.

Oh, by the way, here's a factoid about early voting. The registrars office in Woodbine was open for early voting for about a month prior to election day. The Union Hall was open for the week before the election from 8:00 to 5:00, M-F. Total early votes in the District 4 race: 127, or 12.67 % of the 1,002 total votes

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