Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rejoice, Oh Ye Camden developers and Realtors,

for verily, Gary Blount is your next District 4 County Commissioner! I say unto you that as sure as he lied in his campaign letters, that effective the 1st of July of 2011, there will be no more county impact fees - and  verily,  that will just be for starters!

When I left the probate court chamber about 9:05 PM, all of the votes were on the tot board except for 60 absentee ballots. The only race those 60 could have changes the outcome of was between Ligon and Carter who were less than 1 percentage point apart.

In District 4, when I left, there were 1,072 votes on the board.Blount had 53.52%; Weaver had 26.40, and I had 19.68.

There were lessons to be learned.

The lesson I learned is that no matter how intelligent, well educated, and well qualified you are, unless you are also a social gadfly, you can not win.

The lesson Weaver should learn is that no matter how big a social gadfly you are, if it is obvious to the voters that your academic and experiential qualifications for the post are grossly deficient, you can not win.

The lesson Blount learned was that if you are both academically and experientially prepared,  are willing to publish outright lies about your opponents, and can hide your actual record of performance in an elected position from enough of the voters, and appeal to the greed of real estate developers and Realtors, you can win.

By the way, E.B. Herrin is finished with about 25% of the vote. Zell and Clark more or less split the remainder, with Zell ahead by about 2 points. Runoff. 

Howell is out. Hill and Spencer in the runoff. Hill ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hill will lose in the run-off. Now her record comes into play.

Sad but true about Blount. I must give it to him though.... He's right on time for the development of the Boat House and the Gilman Property. This victory should serve him very well financially.

Jay Moreno said...

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the figures by precinct.
St. Marys West (Osprey Cove) will tell the story.

Anonymous said...

Of course he carried Osprey Cove. He lives there and they "block vote" it's there way of taking control. They already control St. Marys City Council, now they have two seats on the county Commission.

Please post the numbers when you receive them.

Jay Moreno said...

Who is the second commissioner from Osprey Cove?