Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Royal Weaver will be the only District 4 candidate at Monday's Camden County Republican Womens' forum.

To enlarge, click on image once then again when it pops back up.

If you will go toWeaver's website, you will notice that he is an "associate member" of the CCRW. Looks like he and his campaign manager kicked this campaign off at least two years ago and maybe more. It looks like we have our first transgendered candidate in Camden County.


Lenny Bruce said...

Dear Sir: as a candidate for CCBOC, could you please explain if your transgendered comment regarding Mr. Weaver's association with CCRW was intended to be humorous, scandalous, sarcastic, scurrilous, or just a downright bad choice of words? If I may suggest, any of the answers proffers your lack of readiness (willingness) to work effectively as a member of the CCBOC. Too much energy will be expended in determining your basis for statements as such rather than sticking to the business of the county.

Jay Moreno said...

Dear Sir,

Your premise is a transparently political prima facie absurdity not worthy of a serious response.