Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another episode of "Downtown Dogs-In-the-Manger."

As you all know, the soon to be resigned Director of the St.Marys Downtown Development Authority has mostly engaged in efforts to bring more business to existing downtown businesses as opposed to bringing in new businesses.

One such effort is the Saturday Farmers Market (or whatever they call it - I've never been). As I recall, it started out in the T&G parking lot and has since moved to right in front of the old pavilion just across the street from the Riverview Hotel with Seagles Bar and whatever the restaurant is called this week.

Now, it turns out that one of the vendors at the Saturday market runs a hot dog stand. Said vendor pays a fee of $20.00 per month to do so.

Gaila Brandon, co-owner of The Riverview, has complained bitterly that the hot dog stand is competing with her restaurant business ( having recently eaten at her place, I can well understand her concern over being outclassed by a good hot dog.)

Now, can you just imagine how bitterly opposed to the development of the boathouse property the ungrateful dogs-in-the-manger of the Downtown Merchants' Association are?

On another related matter, I found this site interesting:

Check out his paragraph:

"Economic Restructuring involves improving the competitiveness of Main Street’s traditional merchants, creatively converting vacant space to new uses, and recruiting new complementary business."

Why is it the obligation of the other 99% of us to fund with our tax dollars an authority with the mission of "improving the competitiveness of Main Street's traditional merchants?"

Are entrepreneurs not expected to take responsibility for their own competitiveness? And what the hell is a "traditional merchant." It sounds like another term for the downtown "we were here first - you owe us" crowd of "dogs-in-the-manger."

And then there is "recruitng new, complementary businesses." Translation, the dogs want to make damned sure that no business which would compete directly with them and perhaps provide the other 99% of us with better products or services at more competitive prices is recruited. In fact, we all know that the dogs will call in political chits to block any such "damned outsiders" from opening a business downtown.

Update: 12/22/10 @3:00PM

I just got off of the phone with my good friend, Katie Bishop, our county clerk and daughter of Gaila Brandon.

Katie was telling me how badly Gaila's feelings had been hurt when she read the above post, re: the hot dog stand.

I am now given to understand that Gaila buys all of her vegetables at the Saturday market, loves the hot dogs, has never complained about them, and has never been a memeber of the Downtown Merchants' Association.

Speculation is that my source was confused and thinking about the time Gaila and the former owner of the Silver Star Steak House complained bitterly about a guy selling barbecue (which neither The Riverview nor the steak house sold) because the intent of the market was only to draw people down town to spend money with the "regular merchants." Apparently, they did succeed in getting Alyce to run the bar be cue guy off, but I'm now led to believe there is no resentment whatsoever of the hot dog vendor.

Moreover, I'm now assured that other than being their bar hosts, Gaila and Jerry have nothing what soever to do with the insurgent anarchist activities of Bob Nutter and the Nutter Buddies.

Insofar as my friend Katie has always been most helpful and Gaila most cordial, I am glad to publish this clarification. 

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