Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can I interest you in what may well be the best tasting, most satisfying soup you'll ever put into your mouth?

You will recall that not too long ago I alerted you to Progresso's delicious, new, "3-Bean Chili Soup," available at Walmart and other stores, I'm sure.

I decided to have a can of that for lunch today. As I was reaching into the pantry, that's when it hit me.

I always keep a thawed container of my famous Jay's Killer Black Bean Chili in the refrigerator.
It's very handy for making omelets, chili dogs, etc.

I had about a cup of the thawed chili left (with backup containers in the freezer, of course.) I added that cup of my 2 bean chili to the can of Progresso.

Truly, a marriage made in culinary heaven. Now it became a 5 bean chili soup: my chili beans and black beans and Progresso's kidney, northern, and pinto beans. Added to their green chiles were my jalapenos. Then there was their sweet red peppers and corn. Of course, my chili mix flavor completely supplanted theirs.

Between my beef and theirs, it was plenty meaty.

Let me tell you, this mixture with some fresh corn muffins is all you'll need to fortify yourself against the coldest day. It would be great to have a Thermos full for fishing or hunting.

Try it - you'll absolutely love it! I guarantee!

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