Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dog parks.

How would y'all feel about spending SPLOST funds for dog parks in the cities and the county?

When I take CJ for his daily walk, we can only go at 4.5 MPH, my wheelchair's top speed. That's just barely into second gear for CJ. I sure would like to be able to let him hit 5th every so often. Fast? Well, the name they gave him at the shelter was "Bullet."


Sara said...

We would love to see a dog park around here. Just recently moved here and our Australian Shepherd needs a good place to run!

Jay Moreno said...

Well, if Trader, Stasinis, and Gant are elected today, we will be getting a dog park. It's already in the works. If the despicable slate of Burd<Nutter, and Spencer get it in, the will kill it.