Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ex-CVB director # 2 was a quick study.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we read in the T&G that she had been hired and was oh so happy to be here. Now, she has resigned.

Here's what I'm hearing. Apparently, she immediately set about dropping by local businesses and introducing herself to the owners. She soon got an earful about the departure and pending law suit of her predecessor, the activities of the insurgents to unseat the duly elected city government in favor of a re-instituted hegemony for the downtown crowd, and the state of war between the CVB and the mayor, council, and city manager. Being a certified professional in her field, she immediately recognized a crappy situation and promptly resigned. Way to go, CVB. Now, if only you people would resign en masse and council would vote to repeal the bed tax.


Anonymous said...

No suprise that any one making any inquiry would find out they are walking into quick sand and not a mud puddle. Just consequences for City foolishness.

Jay Moreno said...

Oh, but according to Delta Dwan, repslendent oin period costume at last night's city council meeting, it is all a "viscious rumor."

I believe the tape wil show that she cllaims that before the poor womoan even showed up for her first day of work, she was beset by a family medical emergency somewhere far-far away.

Moreover, she had been made well aware of the crappy situation in St. Marys during her job interview but was dying to be plunged right into the middle of it anyway.

Uh huh.