Friday, January 21, 2011

A killer salad at a great price from a surprising source.

I've been trying to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet.

Tonight, I had an exceptionally delicious and satisfying seafood salad.

This thing weighed a little over a pound. 450 calories with the dressing. Total fat: 27g. Total carbohydrate: 45g (okay for my diabetic diet). Total protein: 13.5g.

This thing starts out with fresh, crisp, Romaine lettuce. Now add grape tomatoes, purple cabbage, radicchio, carrot, and a lemon wedge. That is topped off with a surprisingly generous amount of that simulated crab product made from Alaskan pollock, Pacific whiting, and crab. It's in chunks the length of your thumb but two to three times the diameter! My guess it was 7 to 8 ounces of the stuff.

It comes with a generous cup of remoulade dressing. I had never had remoulade dressing so I did not know what to expect. I can't imagine a dressing that would have been better suited to that salad.

How good was it? I honestly believe they could have served this at the Ritz Carlton and gotten raves about it.

Amazingly, this salad cost me just $3.98 and came from the St. Marys Walmart. I kid you not. Try it - you'll love it!

They are found in that first, small, refrigerated gondola as you come in the grocery side door and hang your first right at the deli.

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