Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JDA continues to improve infrastructure in anticipation of economic recovery.


September 8, 2010

For Immediate Release


Camden County

Joint Development Authority

Local Governments Collaborate

To Improve Area Roadways

Camden County, Georgia-

Camden County, the City of Kingsland, and the Camden County Joint Development Authority are collaborating to improve area roadways in the emerging light industrial and education district along Harrietts Bluff Road at Interstate 95. The collaboration will re-route Old Still Road to align with Roberts Path at Harrietts Bluff Road; resulting in a true four-way intersection. This improvement will enhance access and safety to the Mamie Lou Gross Elementary School and the Camden County Industrial Park; owned by the Joint Development Authority. The improvement will also remediate a future impasse that would result when Harrietts Bluff Road is widened and a concrete median is installed within 1,000 feet of Interstate 95 in accordance with Georgia Department of Transportation requirements. The project is being made possible by a land exchange between Camden County and Dick Roberts and Karen Sharpe; which was approved and executed by the County Commission last night.

David Rainer, Chairman of the Camden County Board of County Commissioners reports, "the alignment of Old Still Road and Roberts Path at Harrietts Bluff Road will greatly improve the flow of traffic to and from Mamie Lou Gross Elementary School. This alignment will create a true intersection which should also improve the opportunity for development around the intersection. For some time there has been a need for this improvement. It is now possible with a minimum cost to the County, the City of Kingsland, and the Joint Development Authority. The three agencies have effectively collaborated in making this needed project a reality."

Ken Smith, Mayor of the City of Kingsland, echoed this sentiment and stated,"the alignment of Old Still Road with Roberts Path creates improved and safer access for school busses, parents, and the general public. The improvements also eliminate a major obstacle that could signficantly impede traffic circulation in the future. I'm glad the City is working in collaboration with the County and the Joint Development Authority to improve area infrastructure and help facilitate future growth and development."

According to David Keating, Executive Director of the Joint Development Authority,"this is another example of how our local governments are working together in partnership to make Camden County an even better place to live and do business. The planned improvements will enhance visibility and access to the emerging light industrial and education district in the area. The Joint Development Authority is grateful for the collaboration and support of the Camden Board of County Commissioners and the City of Kingsland on this project. We also want to thank Dick Roberts and Karen Sharpe for their vision and concern for the community, and for partnering with us to make this improvement happen."

Construction on the road project is expected to commence in October and be completed before the end of the calendar year.





Anonymous said...

Did the assistant to Mr. Keating resign. Thought I heard that she resigned a couple of weeks ago. How you been Jay??

Jay Moreno said...

I have no idea. I too saw the ad for an assistant in the T&G.

Jay Moreno said...

Oh, I've been fine, thanks.