Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snakes, snakes, and more snakes!

Y'all will recall that when I came home Wednesday night, a week ago, there was a large water moccasin at my front door.

Well, this morning, I was out in the front yard with Sarah and Cojack. Sarah was putting in tree spikes for me.

My neighbor, from two doors down, walked up and asked me if I had seen any snakes lately. I told him about the moccasin Wednesday night. The very next day, he had killed a 4 - footer in his back yard around 10:30 AM. He said he noticed it when he looked out the window and saw his dog trailing along behind it sniffing at its tail. He dispatched it with a shovel. The dog was very lucky.

Earlier last week, he had killed a smaller one in his front yard in broad daylight. His house backs directly up to another of the three retention ponds they dug for the apartments.

I'm going to call Brant Creek and ask that they hire a pest control company to come exterminate the PROTECTED population of water moccasins in the sacrosanct "wetlands."

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Pollyanna said...

We had the same problem with snakes when our neighborhood was newly developed. Neighbors found snakes on a daily basis. We have three man made retention ponds not far from our home. After the dust settled from the new construction the roaming snakes seemed to stop also. Perhaps the construction of the apartments is still too fresh and things will settle down before long. We had one neighbor sell and move back up north just because of the snakes. It was un-nerving at husband found one under a pile of lint that had accumulated on the ground just below our dryer vent. Hang in there...stay alert and stand your ground!