Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Marys City Council meeting tonight at 6:00.




Pollyanna said...

Jay: Is Sandy Feller O.K.??? I noticed he does not speak at the St. Marys City Council meetings anymore and tonight I was looking at this blog and noticed that the last post was in April.

Jay Moreno said...

My understanding is that after spending a good while in the hospital in Jax, he was discharged straight to the nursing home in St. Marys.

That was the last I heard from my source and that was a month to six weeks ago.

However, I did see his truck parked at his business a few days ago. I don't know if he was driving it, however.

Pollyanna said...

Thanks for the information.

Jay Moreno said...

Here's the latest. As of yesterdeay, he's still in the nursing home. My source says the "swelling in his ankles is better." That's one of the classic symptoms of congestive heart failure or "CHF." That's not a good sign in a man his age.