Sunday, October 5, 2008

More on moribund Cumberland Harbour Note: Council went into executive session two weeks ago, then came out and unanimously passed a resolution to authorize the city attorney to call the Cumberland Harbour performance bond. Apparently, they have not yet given her the final go ahead - just passed the enabling legislation. ??


Anonymous said...

I understand that everyone wants to throw dirt on top of this an pretend this is a rude awakening due to the housing market.


This situation is due to the incompetence of the standing council at the time and the ignorance of Bill Shanahan and Max Tinsley. It was embarrassing to go to the City Council meetings and see the City Council members toting Cumberland Harbor paraphernalia around. Ethic and Public Policy went out the window.

I would always ask "How can the Planning Dept. continue to issue all of these permits to build with no infrastructure in place, what happens if this developer doesn't provide the necessary infrastructure to build?" Max, Bill, L.J., Blount, DeLoughy and others would always respond by saying they will complete the infrastructer.

As soon as they sold all of the lots in Cumberland Harbor they moved their operation to other subdivision they were supposely creating in the County(Satilla Landing, etc.). No one would respond appropriately when told look at what they did to Misty Harbor before they started Cumberland Harbor. And you all are going to continue to allow them to creat subdivisions, sell lots and never complete any of the infrastructure.

This is very sad for the taxpayers because now those homeowners can possibly sue the city/county because they offered permits when they should have waited. But I have come to realize money makes people in position do weird things. Normally those weird things are not in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Consolidation can't happen quick enough. We are playing three City Manager $70,000.00 to 90,000 and a County Manager S100,000.00+. These four people oversee duplicate staff and the taxpyers are footing the bill for all of this IGNORANCE. They each have a budget that exceeds 60 million.


Anonymous said...

The consolidation can't come quickly enough for the taxpayers of the cities and the county. With
the 911 center about to be out of the political arena, starting Jan. 1, the county commissioners should move forward to have a county police department and county fire/ems in place by the end of the year.

Let's see how concerned about the taxpayers the county and cities are. Their actions will be a good measuring gauge.

As for these greedy developers, the district attorney needs to start looking at them as these "unfinished" subdivisions are in all parts of the county and they are just packing up their marketing machine and moving done the road to do it again.

OK, boys and girls, lots to do in

Thanks to Jay Moreno for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that....

Consolidation is definitely needed here in Camden. With no signs of industry/jobs the taxpayers can't afford not to consolidate.

Jay did you find out if the poster was accurate in saying the Grand Jury is making a recommendation that the cities consolidate?

Of all rumors, I sure hope this one is TRUE!!!!

Anonymous said...

i also agree with last post on all but for the d/a has or should have no part in these people were dumb enough to buy these lots with out it in a contract of infrastructure and everything thats their problem.if in contract take them to court and they will win. dont spend state $$ on a civil suit.

Jay Moreno said...

No, and I'm not about to try to find and contact a Grand Juror. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not know the process. I didn't realize the only way was to contact a juror.

Jay Moreno said...

Sorry - I didn't mean to sound snarky. It's just that, so far as i know, the Grand Jury is also sworn to secrecy until such time as they officially make their presentments.