Friday, October 10, 2008

Timid, indecisive council dithers on with budget deliberations. I think we are headed for a replay of the famous post-annexation, mayor and council massacre next time around.


Anonymous said...

Why are the insistant on setting the mileage at 5.6 when it is evident to anyone with a brain that even the 6.1 isn't enough?

I forgot, its because Bill and Max and the follow along to get along council refuse to eliminate all of the unnecessary jobs created due to EXPECTED growth.

Jay, we need you in both places City Council and County Commission. The only way this can be made possible is with consolidation ONE GOVERNMENT.

Anonymous said...

jay, help me with this, after reading gull weaver's comment on fire personel. by her statement 4 firemen there before entering but there were only 3 there now.
if she wants to go by the rule let her read rule nfp 1500
chapter 5
lets dont pick and choose on this rule either put 4 at all times or not