Saturday, June 19, 2010

City of St. Marys buys the "Gilman Boat House" property at auction for $1.3 million.


Anonymous said...

There is something very sinister about that group in St. Marys. First they tried to concoct a scheme with the guy from Cumberland Harbour. When they found out they would not receive compensation, (PERSONALLY, nor professionally) they aborted the mission. Only to replace it with another deal that includes them in a private/public real estate business.

God Bless St. Marys!!!!

Anonymous said...

For a city that is broke as a joke they sure like to spend money. I heard mr Lang was ready to bid on the property and Alyce in wonderland was sent to talk him to let him know the city would out bid him. I understand a good plan but this city does not have a good track record on pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

In todays economy who would think a City would want to be in some pie in the sky developement such as a convention center. Plus I am wondering if there is not some one in the wings that they had in mind. Sunshine seems to have been blocked out. Plus Trader starts the bidding at $800,000.00. That is so contrary to good business. First off it should have been a very low bid to test the water. But this is coming from the same yo yo that had Cumberland Harbor being bailed out by a fellow with money problems. There is not a scheme or dead beat with a scheme that bunch will not dive into. Remember the water fron theater and that dead beat Tate Tiacon, what ever his name was. He was jailed for being a dead beat husband and the council was busy working with him on the joke of the theater.