Sunday, June 27, 2010

A plethora of new laws for Georgians effective soon.

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hannah said...

Appreciate the heads-up and link to the article.
However, it might be worth noting that most of the changes apply either to agents of government or individuals engaged in operating a motor vehicle (an inherently potentially dangerous activity) or some form of commerce (a socially regulated, because interactive, activity).
Fees for services, public and private, make sense in that the use of money makes it easier to keep track (sort of like writing makes it easier to keep a record of communicated information), if -- and this is a big IF -- the necessary currency is freely available. When some persons or segments of the population are deprived of the use of money, then their ability to access the services to which they are entitled as natural persons and citizens is effectively denied.
Money is, like the written word, a figment of the imagination that has to be incorporated in a physical entity to be useful. Just as there was a time when some people were denied the use of the written word, some are currently being denied the use of the currency available to everyone else.