Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happened to the nascent Woodbine blog?

When I went there just now, I got a message that it has been "removed" and that that blog address is not available for further use.

What happened? Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

come on now. we all know that rather than nascent you meant "nonsense" Woodbine blog. Is something around 2 years old a nascent blog?

Anonymous said...

Evidently your internet skills are far worse than your personal ones. It is up and running as fine as it ever was, no problems. Why is this a concern of yours? You obviously have a disdain for the citizens of our small burgh, perhaps when you get in office you will see it is not such a bad place.

Jay Moreno said...

No,actually, I meant nascent. The readership and comment activity qualify it for that modifier.

Jay Moreno said...

My internet skills are fine. The fact is that yesterday, Google was giving the message I described. Now that I think about it, the very same thing happened one day about six months ago with my blog.
Go figure.

My "disdain" for the citizens of Woodbine is a figment of your hateful imagination.