Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here is the CORRECT schedule for local Republican candidates' fora.

Last night, at the St, Marys City Council meeting, someone told me that they were looking forward to seeing my performance in the debate this coming Saturday. I told him that was news to me. My understanding was that it was on the 10th of July.

My understanding was correct.  I called local GOP president, Adam Jacobsen, this morning. There will be a forum this Saturday at the ungodly hour of 9:00 at the GOP's "Grit's and Bit's" at the Eagles Aerie back behind the police station off of Pt. Peter Road. Working from memory, I believe breakfast is $7.00.
The candidates at this forum will all be candidates for the state assembly.

The forum for Camden County Commission candidates will be held at the Grit 'n' Bits at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 10th.

Many people are under the mis-impression that the events are reversed because the local GOP's web master, Mike Harris (a regular at Jason Spencer rallies) published them incorrectly. Now, the local GOP website is down because their renewal fee is overdue and they have not yet had a meeting to authorize the expenditure to renew it.

Please help get the word out.


Anonymous said...

What is a fora??

Anonymous said...

Jay, Please do not write about anything dealing with the local GOP. We have a good thing going and do not need you screwing it up. People will stay away from our forums and debates once they realize that you will be there. Please remember that the general opinion of you in Camden county is that you are a fool and an ass. The local GOP wants nothing to do with a loose cannon like you. Trust me I have been present when this has been discussed. What you said about our website being down for not paying a fee is a damn lie.

Jay Moreno said...

Fora, as I suspect you well know, is the correct plural of the singular noun "forum."

Well, if it is a lie, then you've just called the president of your organization a liar because I was simply repeating what he told me.