Monday, June 28, 2010

The Supremes strike a major blow for liberty!

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hannah said...

Guns don't have rights, contrary to what the FOX title implies. People have rights. Also, the Constitution is aimed at prescribing and proscribing the behavior of our agents of government. It is not aimed at the behavior or rights of individuals. Which is why the agents of government are prohibited from depriving persons of rights (without warrant), but individuals can be as exclusive and discriminatory as they want when they are acting in their own right.

Conservatives disagree with the principle that the agents of government are limited or precluded from certain actions and prefer to link limits with responsibilities -- i.e. the agents of government are responsible for nothing but to "protect" the nation and, under that umbrella, have leave to enforce all kinds of restrictive measures on persons.
Moreover, under this rubric, the prohibitions enumerated in the misnamed Bill of Rights, are perceived as both exceptions to the umbrella of "protection" and all-inclusive -- i.e. deprivations of personal rights that aren't mentioned, presumably, don't exist.