Wednesday, June 2, 2010

JDA will market 325 acre PRIVATELY OWNED tract adjacent to industrial park.

Once again, the TOPIX conspiracy theorists got it all wrong.


Anonymous said...

No we did'nt get it all wrong. The original plan was altered once the beans were spilled.

This is better!! Now the taxpayers are'nt responsible for paying the private landowners.

If/When your hero David Keating lands a buyer, they will deal directly with the priveate landowner. Leaving the taxpayer OUT!!

Jay Moreno said...

No. It is a gazillion times more likely that the reporter got it wrong the first time.

hannah said...

'Tis a puzzlement why American enterprise needs to rely on government for management and promotional expertise.

But, it has been ever such -- ever since the crowned heads of Europe gave charters and grants for land in the New World for explorers to settle. Getting people to settle down is always a lot harder than letting them roam.