Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting new info on the pot house cases - or non-cases.

It turns out that, according to an informant I trust, the person who was writing the checks to pay the rent on Gary Blount's rental property-turned- pot- house allegedly actually resides in the Stan Smith residence on the Satilla River. Gary Blount, the beneficiary of the checks, is, reportedly, this person's accountant yet ostensibly had no idea that was going on.

Stan, I'm told, has another place on the water. He reportedly has a second place in Steinhatchee, Florida which fronts onto the Gulf of Mexico. On that property, Stan allegedly has his own private airstrip which allows for quick flights to and from the Gulf coast (and beyond if need be) out of the St. Marys Airport in his private plane. Steinhatchee is in the "armpit" of Florida, if the panhandle is the "arm." It's not a long flight.

Now, check out the location of the property, relative to the Gulf, on the little map on the left-hand border of this next page. You can come in low over the Gulf, and land on your own strip without flying over any of your nosy neighbors.


You're welcome, chief.

Update: I've checked the undated aerial view of the parcel owned by Mary O. (Mrs. Stan) Smith in Steinhatchee. I see no airstrip nor room for one. However, Steinhatchee does have a dinky airport like ours.

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Anonymous said...

The Steinhatchee area is off the beaten path and is just a quiet little fishing town. Nice placed to visit, by the way. Between that town and the interstate there are a lot of woods, small tributaries feeding out to the gulf and a whole bunch of loyal, close lipped Bubbas who turn a blind eye.