Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pot bust has interesting connections.

This just in from an informant:

Earlier this week, the SMFD was called to a garage fire at the end of 4th street. That's the street that intersects with Spur 40 in front of Ace Hardware.

The cause of the fire was an electric generator in the garage that was hard wired to the house. When the occupants of the house would not grant entry to the house itself, suspicions were aroused.

A search warrant was served the next day. There was a major pot growing operation throughout all rooms of the house.

My informant tells me that there is still crime scene tape around the house and that the SMPD are over there this morning removing the plants.

Now, it turns out that in the course of that investigation, they were tipped off to another house with a virtually identical set up on Point Peter. That was raided also.

Just another pot bust? Hardly.

As the late Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story.

The owner of the house on 4th Street is Stan Smith!

The owner of the house on Point Peter is Commissioner-elect Gary Blount!

Stay tuned!

11:46: Update: Although I thought it exceedingly unlikely, I was willing to allow for the possibility that Smith and Blount were completely unaware of the activities of renters.

But now comes this new information. Neighbors of the 4th street location have observed Stan Smith coming and going from the residence so many times that they were just on the verge of calling the city and complaining that there appeared to be some commercial enterprise going on there!

Now, get this. The SMPD was tipped to the existence of the operation at the Gary Blount-owned house by paperwork they located in the 4th Street house. Incredibly, AFTER the 4th Street house was busted, and while the cops were there, Gary Blount came by the 4th Street house and asked the cops for permission to enter the house to retrieve some "business papers." Permission was denied.

By the way, in addition to the pot, large amounts of cash were found in the houses.

Interestingly, under the law, neither I nor Royal Weaver can run in November as write-in candidates for District 4 county commissioner, but it would appear that someone damned sure needs to. It's a good thing I'm not the kind of guy to say I told you so.

Well, I just got back from the Secretary of State's web page. The question of who might run as a write in candidate is now a moot point. The deadline to register to run as a write-in candidate was in early September. Isn't that lovely!? Now, we may well see a commissioner phoning in his votes from a jail cell or we will see the other comissioners appoint yet another unelected commissioner for a full 4 year term!

By the way, any of you who voted for Blount who would like to help defray my campaign expenses may still send your contributions to:

Jay Moreno
501 Victoria's Circle
St. Marys, GA 31558

I note that Blount did not need to solicit any contributions as he was flush with cash. Oh, ye suckers! Certified Pot Agronomist?

Update: 1:33 PM. I am now told that the SMPD detectives are at this moment questioning Stan Smith.  Gary Blount remains at large -for the moment.

FLASH: 2:28: It is now being reported by someone calling himself "Bob" on Topix that Gary Blount was found, within the hour, dead, in his office, of an apparent suicide. I have no way of confirming this and it may well be a hoax. I certainly hope that it is. Stand by for further details.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm pleased to inform you that both of the immediately preceding paragraphs in red are NOT TRUE, but were the result of a cruel hoax played by one of the viscious asses on Topix whose irratonal hatred of me overroad his last vestige of human decency. The scum is now boasting of his "cleverness."

So far as I know, Stan Smith has not been questioned and Gary Blount is very much alive.

However, all other info in this post comes from two very reliable sources who are well known to me. Stay tuned.

Update @ 5:23 PM. This just in from an impeccable source I've known for years.  Guess who Stan Smith and Gary Blount had a long lunch with at Ops just this past Thursday. Why, Mr. and Mrs. Commissioner Jimmy Starline. Schmoosing Cecily Hill on Tueday and Starline on Thursday. Busy, busy. I wonder what lawyer they'll have lunch with Monday?  Will bologna be on the menu?

Sunday,10/3 @ 8:41 AM.

No "identified suspects" is hardly the same as "no suspects." What your take, "Bob?"

Monday, 10/4 @ 2:50 PM. I've had an FOIR in with the St. Marys City Clerk since 9:30 this morning. I've reqested the names of the responsible parties for the city water service to the two pot houses. No response yet. I just backed up this morning's telephonic request with an e-mailed request and copied the mayor and council, the city manager, and Chief Hatch. The clock is ticking. 

FLASH: 2:58. I just got off of the phone with Chief Hatch. He has in fact asked the city to sit on that info and has asked me to do the same insofar as divulging it at this point in the investigation could "create a dangerous situation." Interesting. I agreed.

Tuesday, 10/5: Remarkably, the e-edition of this morning's GTU contains no mention of this story.

There is a new entry on Topix which appears to have been written by an intelligent and honest person -a Topix rarity- which seems to be consistent with what I would suspect would be the facts if Smith and Blount are indeed involved. Judge for yourself:

Wednesday, 10/6, @9:22AM

From today's T&G:

"Online property records for the home on Fourth Street do not correspond with the house number on
the mailbox. According to the county’s Geographic Information Systems website the house numbered
200 Fourth St. is shownonline as 116 Fourth St. The record card for 116 Fourth St. shows that the
home was purchased in February by PSS Residential Rental Partnerships LLLP.
Records found on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website list the rental company’s office as
6858 Old Jefferson Highway in Woodbine. The county’s property record card for that address
shows it is owned by Mary O. Smith."

For those who may not know, Mary O. Smith is Stan Smith's wife. Putting everything in her name is a long standing practice for Stan. I wonder if the police have now checked ALL properties owned by Smith and Blount? If not, why not?


Pollyanna said...

Thanks, for the great reporting if all is correct. What a mess!

Jay Moreno said...

As I suspected, the info from "Bob" on Topix was a hoax inspired by his irrational hatred of me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moreno .... you need a job or another hobby other than posting bulls... on the internet that I would guess that you KNOW is False! To post something stating a local businessman and father of 3 children that could be hurt by your comments is unforgiveable! You are the ultimate disgusting human life! I spent half my day today trying to get in touch w/my good friend Gary to make sure he was ok and to see if his family was ok. Just because the internet allows you to post this garbage will NEVER make it right!

Jay Moreno said...

If you did manage to find him, I would hope that you would consider it your civic duty to tell the SMPD where he is, but I will not hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

where do you get that they are the owners?

Anonymous said...

the home on 4th st. that I msg'd about previous was foreclosed on in March. Who obtained it?

Jay Moreno said...

Stan Smith.

Jay Moreno said...

From the reliable source, known to me, who first alerted me to this amazing story.

Jay Moreno said...

I've now checked the tax records. Gary Blount definitely owns the busted location at 8 Oyster Cove.

I can not download the tax map reader to my hard drive and a simple name search for 200 4th St. is turning up no results. Perhaps someone else could research that.

Anonymous said...

The son-in-law of the person they meet with on Tuesday has the best weed in Camden County.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the information that the News Media has refused to tell us. If it was your house or mine or any normal citizen our names would be all over the news. Well the tax payers who voted Blount into office got a good one! HA. Everyone who knows him knew he was a low life before he was even elected into St. Marys city council and now they have him for the county commissioner. Glad he is not in my district. I hope the law enforcement checks futher than just these 2 house. But I am willing to bet that NOTHING will happen to these two. Smith will pay one of his employees alot of $$$ to take the blame. Hopefully with the neighbors telling about seeing Smith so much at the house that they will do something to him, but I have my doubts. And if it is true about the lunch dates, he will walk.

Anonymous said...

If that much was in town I wonder how much is at the farm.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I've heard about a farm in Woodbine too. I also hear SS has a helicopter and makes trips with a black male that works out there to pick up stuff when he gets calls telling him where. I do not know the man but you know how rumors go down the line, and that is the word i heard.

Anonymous said...

DAMN JAY......

That is really clever thinking!! Should've of ask the same thing of Georgia Power.

You know the fix is in! I hear the circle of this drug cartel is MASSIVE. You may have thrown a monkey wrench in the cover-up process with your FOIR.

Don't think ole Deb will assist you on this one. This is huge! Lots more houses.....

Wink, wink

Anonymous said...


Be careful. Now that they know you know the answer, if the fix comes into play, someone may try to pay you little visit. Be careful! This is Camden County. Maybe you should avoid this subject all together.

Jay Moreno said...

Thnaks. I'm well aware of the history of this county. For the record, when Chief Hatch asked me to sit on it, I did not ask him for the names. It will come out in about a week or so.

Netting the true big fishes will require an air-tight case. They are moving very cautiously and meticulously.

Jay Moreno said...

By the way, I was talking to an ex-commissioner over the weekend about all of this. He made the comment that if he were in local law enforcement, he might just take a look at ALL foreclosed houses purchased this year.

Not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

RUMORS had it that when Stan rebuilt the farm house that he had a steel secret room (fall out shelter) built in it and there were secret halls behind walls and that the son got a rock climbing wall in his bedroom. I also heard that he did not want to have to pay for all the permits, so he remodeled and kept the gates locked so that no one would know and no inspections were done, so if this is true then we all know he is not paying the correct amount of property taxes on his multi million dollar farm house.

Jay Moreno said...

When I worked for Stan about 8 years ago, the houseon the "farm" was the little dumpy thing that was there when he bought the property. Maybe worth $100,000.

There was one interesting improvement I helped make.

Stan's property goes right down to the Satilla River. He brought a track hoe and operator (Mr. Cooner) up there. We spent several days digging a canal about 8-10 feet deep and mayube 15 feet wide that came in off the Satilla, perpendiculat to the flow, then took a 90 degree turn and ran maybe 50 yards paralell to the river. On the inland side of siad canal was an old rice farm dike that easily supported the weight of the track hoe and my dump truck.

Because of the heavy rushes growing along the river, if you did not know where to look, you would most certainly not see the entrance to the canal from the river.

I'm sure there was no permitting for that litle project either.

Pollyanna said...

Be cautious in regards to any updates on Topix...try to verify with an official source if possible.

Jay Moreno said...

Unfortunately, today makes a week since the fire that started all of this and the "official sources" are still stonewalling me and the "legitimate" media.

Hopefully, when the media agreed tot he black-out, they set a time limit on their forbearance. Moreover, let's hope that time limit is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

I hope that he does not let her go down for this since everyone knows he runs everything and she does not get out much with her illness.

Jay Moreno said...

Agreed. He has always put everything in her name.

Anonymous said...

I hear they may have searched some of the properties today.

Anonymous said...

Kbay had on the news this am where one of the property owners RURAL HOME was raided. That has to be Stan's. He is in the rural county. But they called no names or told about any outcome.

Jay Moreno said...

Yeah, K-Bay no doubt "scooped" that right out today's edition of the T&G.

Anonymous said...

Be careful jay of what you say, when you do not know the truth. Could get you in hot/boiling water.

Jay Moreno said...

Was that a warning or a threat?