Thursday, October 14, 2010

Setting the record straight.

On October 13, in the GTU, Gordon Jackson, in reporting that the City of St. Marys had eliminated the appeals process for fired employees, noted that Councilwoman Hase had stated in session that Kingsland had no appeals process for fired employees.

Gordon promptly called Kingsland City Manager, Gwen Mungin.

Based upon his interview with Gwenn, he wrote this:

"Hase also said Kingsland does not have an appeals policy. But in a phone interview Tuesday, Kingsland City Manager Gwen Mungin disagreed.

Mungin, who is also Kingsland's appeals officer, said fired employees are allowed to bring documents, witnesses and a lawyer to their hearings."

Now, while what Gordon wrote is the truth, it is far from the whole truth that is germane to the issue at hand.

Here are the FULL facts.

Kingsland employees may appeal any disciplinary action up to and including a suspension without pay.

However, once they are terminated for cause, they do, in fact, have no further avenue of appeal, just as Councilman Hase said.

Suit yourself. Call Gwenn and ask her.


Anonymous said...

Okay Mr. Spin Doctor, I still see Gordon as correctly reporting what the issue was and still is.

Jay Moreno said...

Obviously, you have noit called Gwenn Mungin. Gordon omitted the fact that they DO NOT have an appeal process for a terminated employee, and that is the issue, dumbass!