Monday, October 4, 2010

Who will the four commissioners anoint to replace Blount on the CCBOC?

If there comes a point in time when Commissioner-elect Blount can no longer legally serve the balance of his term as county commissioner from District 4, does anyone have any idea who the other four might anoint for the position? Has anyone heard any names bandied about? Anyone have any SERIOUS suggestions?

For those who don't know, thanks to a clever and unheralded move by former commissioner Steve Berry, we no longer do special elections at the county level. Ergo, we may soon see two of the five APPOINTED rather than elected. How do you like dem apples?


Anonymous said...

The crooks wanted it that way so they can control everything by putting there own in office without the concent of the taxpayers. They are looking out for theirself and not us.

Jay Moreno said...

I had a face-toface conversation about this with Steve Berry.

His response was that insofar as it costs roughly $35,000 to put on a special election, he was just looking out for the taxpayers by eliminating them.

Until we can change the law, I guess we just have to sit back and hope that all of the remaining commissioners stay out of jail and in good health for the remainder of their respective terms.