Friday, October 29, 2010

Reportedly, Camden County inmate hanged herself to death yesterday.

From a heretofore reliable source comes word this afternoon that a female inmate in the Camden County jail "successfully" hanged herself to death yesterday in spite of being on suicide watch.

My source says that the female inmate was arrested just Wednesday on charges of some sort of sexual impropriety with a minor or minors.

Sometime yesterday, she found time that she was unobserved to tear her sheet into strips and hang herself. Apparently, she was dead when she was discovered.


Still think all of my sources are "full of it," jerk?

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Anonymous said...

If she was on a suscide watch, she should have been under close watch checked every 15 min. plus the video cam that should be moniterd by the main control and the rear pod watch,something doesn't add up here.