Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest on pot houses.

Here's what I'm hearing now. No, I have no way of confirming this, but it was told to me face-to-face by a real person, known to me, and not some lying Topix vermin like "Bob."

Sometime subsequent to raiding Stan Smith's home on the Satilla, police have now discovered two more pot houses in Brunswick and one in Jacksonville. My source was given to understand that they are all tied to the two operations discovered in St. Marys.

When I asked if his source in law enforcement had said whether or not information found at Smith's residence had led to the discoveries in Brunswick and Jacksonville, he said no and that he had no knowledge that it had.


Anonymous said...

Jay, Have you read Ricks Blog concerning the pot houses? where some police officers were seen at the houses weeks before the fire? This may be why no one is talking. This is the first time in Camen History that I can remember where such an event has been kept this quite.

Jay Moreno said...

Yeah, I've seen it. I don't think it likely that the cops were involved in the pot growing operation, but the generator fire was rather "convenient."

If some well meaning cop started the fire (more likely a neighbor), then the whole case is the poisoned fruit of a bad warrant and it goes away.

Stan and Gary seemed mighty relaxed as they had lunch as usual at Aunt B's today.

Anonymous said...

Jay are you saying that the fire was arson, caused by a the SMPD or maybe a neighbor. Surly the SMFD would have ruled it arson,or would they know arson if they saw it?I was told by a SMFD fireman that it looked to him that the fire started behind the shop.

Jay Moreno said...

What I said seems pretty clear. Re-read it slowly.