Wednesday, August 4, 2010

As expected, inmates have sued over Camden County jail conditions.

Meanwhile, no action on agreed upon jail expansion, much less a plan for a new jail.


Anonymous said...

Jay this article is so funny. Tommy is paying extra money for kitchen services to provide meals to inmates and they complain. I guess they liked the meals better when cooked by thier own people as Bill Smith used to have them do. I know I know I must be a thuggie. No just someone who knows better than Tommy how to run that office. It is also funny how the jail population has majorly increased since the Great One has taken over. Seems as he has brought all of this upon himself. Please provide a defense for his lack of knowledge, him being the most educated law officer in the county. Not the same ole it's all Bill Smiths fault because after more than two years in office it is Tommy Gregory's FAULT like it or not. You are a smart person figure it out.

Jay Moreno said...

To answer your Thuggie polemic would, of course, be a waste of electrons, but what do you mean "cooked by their own people?"

Anonymous said...

Thier own people "inmates" like it used to be done before the Great and powerful OZ took office. Now Jay, this egregious behavior that you always display could never be a waste of electrons since you are always right no matter what the subject may be. Sometimes it's best to listen than speak.

Anonymous said...

We outsource all meals to the inmates at a cost of $6.75 per day. We used to allow th einmates to cook their own meals but that changed when the new Sheriff took over. Our population has also decreased to under the max allowed by the state and has been that way for the past 7 months. We were flooded immediately following the change but that has all subsided.

Jay Moreno said...

Y'all act as if it is just axiomatic that allowing inmates to do the cooking was superior in all respects to contracting the meals out.

Where are some numbers? If there are no longer any food service people on the payroll for the jail - with county benefits, it may well be cheaper to do it the way Tommy is doing it.

I would be a bit concerned if inmates were cooking the food. Way too much opportunity for vengeful mischief.

By the way, "Sometimes it's best to listen than speak" in standard American English should have read "Sometimes it's BETTER to listen than to speak."