Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Marys City Council meeting tonight.




Pollyanna said...

How did the meeting go? Anything new?

Pollyanna said...

Did you fall off the face of the earth?

Jay Moreno said...

No. Just got back from my Wednesday evening college class. Had Citizens Academy from 8:15 to 1:30. Dr.s appointment yesterday with class last night. City Council meeting Monday. Three hour class at 9:00 AM tomorrow. Leaving early for Lions luncheon at 12:00.

I've been a little busier than usual.

Go to Topix St. Marys for my take on meeting.

Pollyanna said... obnoxious as you can be...I was starting to get worried about you...LOL Glad to hear you are staying busy with some constructive activities! Carry on. I watched the city council meeting on the city website last night...fell asleep the last half hour so will try to watch the finish tonight. My husband thinks I am crazy for watching it...says he would rather be "water boarded" ... I have always found them interesting. I got interested about 20 years ago when Dot Barker and her girlfriends staged a protest at the city council meeting when they were going to demolish the pavillion at the end of Osborne...each elderly lady stepped up to testify about how the pavillion had added to their life in some way...learned to swim from it, played bridge on hot summer evenings in there etc. They had the entire audience and the council in tears and it still stands today! just checkin

Jay Moreno said...

Oh, yeah, I also have my St. Marys 101 class tonight.