Friday, August 13, 2010

Something different - and delicious - for Sunday brunch.

Here's something I just came up with.

What you will need:

1 can of salmon (Walmart's GV brand at $2.06 for 14.75 oz. works just fine.)
1 8 oz. package of Martha White Hush Puppy Mix with Onion Flavor (.86 at Walmart.
1 white onion
A good oil - I use GV canola blend.
A dozen eggs.
A couple or three nice, ripe, slicing tomatoes.

Pour new oil into a frying pan.  Preheat to about 7 or 8 on your electric stove. A "Fry Daddy" works great also. While the oil is heating:

Slice your tomatoes and dice your onion.

Into a mixing bowl, drain every last drop of the juice from the salmon.
Crack an egg into the salmon juice and and whisk lightly.
Add the salmon and break it up with a fork.
Add two heaping tablespoons of chopped white onion. Stir in.
Add the entire contents of the hush puppy mix, a little at the time, blending as you go.
If needed, add a little water at a time to get the right consistency.

Put on another frying pan with butter for over-easy fried eggs.

Spoon mixture into hot oil about a heaping teaspoon at a time. Cook until golden brown. Pay attention and don't get distracted. They cook up quickly. Drain on paper towels.

Fry your eggs last. Serve on same plate with salmon puppies. They are great dipped into the egg yellow.
Tomatoes on a side plate plain or with dressing of your choice.

I just finished eating that meal about 15 minutes ago. Oh, man, was it good - and a nice change of pace.

By the way, you can keep the left over mixture for days to cook in smaller bactches. I would guess that the above recipe would easily serve four to five adults at one sitting.

Let me know how you liked it.

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