Monday, November 15, 2010

CCBOC meeting tomorrow night.


Note: I will not be there to accept my Citizens' Academy diploma as I have a college midterm at 6:00PM tomorrow.

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J. Williams said...

Sir, ive been at this site for over a month now and I have to say you are top notch and on the ball. At first I thought you were nothing more that a shit talking ass hole. You said on topics I was just a bottom feeding scum starting rumors. When we posted about bill smiths (lower case letters for a reason) party, and brad todd going through the big d and we dont mean dallas, we got alot of shit for it, but hey, its true right??? Well, sorry I thought bad of you, I did not know you, so if you were to run for head snow cone maker of st marys, Ill vote for you. ok? This is from me to you, you don't have to post it, but you can if you like. Take care, peace good sir.