Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doing the right thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The same lunatic fringe that constitutes the leadership of the sore-loser insurgency that constantly attacks all of the mayor and council of St. Marys except their two co-conspirators, Councilman Bird and Councilman Howell, have sunk to a new low - even for them.

Update: This just in. The bastards plan on sinking even lower with billboards!

They have called for a boycott of Sheila McNeill's business, Sheila's Hallmark, because of her recent letter-to-the-editor. Moreover, they have called for a boycott of ERA Realty until such time as they fire Deborah Hase. Lastly, the vermin have called for a boycott of Aunt B's restaurant until such time as the owners ban me from eating there. They have done all of this anonymously -as craven cowards always do - on Topix, St. Marys.

I call on all decent citizens to repudiate this unconscionable and un-American political gangsterism by making a point of patronizing Sheila's Hallmark and Aunt' B's more so than you would have otherwise.
Tell the owners that is specifically why you are there.

With regards to ERA Kings Bay Realty, Camden's leading real estate brokerage, please do not fail to consider them should you have the need of a Realtor.

As you can see from the receipts, I've patronized Aunt B's way more frequently than usual since the announced boycott. I did my Christmas card shopping at Sheila's Hall Mark yesterday.

If you want to send the bastards a message, after you patronize these businesses, go here and post that you have.
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Pollyanna said...

I noticed you get a senior discount at Aunt B's...I was not aware they gave one...what is the age for the senior discount? My husband is 62 and I am 56. I think at least my husband would qualify.

Pollyanna said...

I am opposed to this boycott just because they don't agree with the owner. This hurts our business community and the employees at these businesses who may not share the same viewpoint at the owner. I will be surprised if these people can get the money together for a billboard.

Jay Moreno said...

Any customer 60 or older is eligible for a 10% senior discount.

Even if they had the money, I would be extremely doubtful that Craig Root would take their dirty money.

The owner should have a right to espouse any viewpoint(with the obvious exception of racial discrimination or discrimination of any kind) and not have their means of livlihood threatened' This runs contrary to the intent of the First Amendment and is utterly un-American.

Jay Moreno said...

By the way, they had a sign on their door a couple of weeks ago announcing a 10% discount to active duty military. I believe the discount goes to the member only and not the whole family.
They were aiming for more Navy lunch business.

Pollyanna said...

Thanks for the info. I have always shopped at Sheilas Hallmark and will continue. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other about the airport issue. I voted for the new airport when it was up for a vote at no cost to St. Marys. With the current economy I don't see anyone putting out all the money it will take for a new airport so I don't know why people are spending their time debating it. I think Sheila has done much more good for our community than she has harmed. As far as her not living in Camden...I worked out of town for 15 years and became active in the community I worked in and spent most of my money in that community since that is where I spent the majority of my day...lunch out, shopping on my lunch break and after work and I even donated to their local charities and churches. I came home to Camden to sleep.

Jay Moreno said...

I know it was a figure of speech and you meant well, but just for the record, Sheila McNeill has done NO HARM WHATSOEVER to St. Marys or Camden COunty.

Pollyanna said...

Thanks for pointing out my blunder. The sentence should say: Sheila has done more good than harm for our local community.

And..."yes" as far as I know she has done no harm.