Thursday, November 18, 2010

K-Bay is reporting that Mr. and Mrs. Stan Smith, et al, have been indicted on 6 counts!

Today, 7 weeks after Smith's "rental property" on 4th Street was busted as a marijuana grow house, the Camden County Grand Jury has indicted Phillip Stanley Smith, Mary O. Smith, Troy Meridith, Cleveland Miller, and Thomas McKinley on the following felony counts:

2 counts of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana;

2 counts of trafficking in marijuana; and

2 counts of violation of Georgia's RICO Act.

This, of course, comes as no surprise to me.

In the not too distant future, the prosecution will notify the defendants' attorneys how much time they will be facing without co-operation. Then and only then - when all of the indicted have had a chance to testify truthfully in exchange for lighter sentences, will we know for sure whether or not county commissioner- elect Gary Blount's protestations of total innocence are actually true or not.

If it turns out that Blount is in fact totally innocent, it will be fascinating to hear the story on how that is possible. The plausible scenario in which it could be has so far evaded me and most sentient folks who know of Stan and Gary's relationship.


Anonymous said...

why would they indict someone with out arresting them first?

Jay Moreno said...

It can go either way.

Jay Moreno said...

As of a minute ago, none are shown as guests in the county jail. I'm sure they will all turn themselves in with their attorneys present, be quickly booked, then immediately be bonded out to await trial.

Hell, you will probably see Gary and Stan having lunch at Aunt B's next Tuesday as usual.

Anonymous said...

Stan Smith might have to hide out at his good buddy Glenn Osama Bin Saare's house over at Cumberland Harbour! He might as well say goodbye to all of his property. I'm sure everything will be seized.

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin! How on earth can Gary Blount who happens to be the Smith's business accountant, claim that he knows nothing!

You are right Mr. Jay, the DA will cut a deal with one of the younger guys and he will sing like a canary.

I'm sure Mr. Blount, the Smith's and crew aren't going to be getting much sleep! This should be very entertaining!

Jay Moreno said...

I don't know about "entertaining."

Sad, really.