Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seafood at Aunt B's.

I had a particularly delicious experience at Aunt B's yesterday.

On Saturdays, they serve a homemade seafood chowder that is always great,but was just extraordinary yesterday.

It's a milk and cream-based chowder with real butter. The seafood is a generous amount of sweet, medium shrimp and that artificial crab meat made from crab-flavored fish - haddock, I think. There are chunks of white potato about the size of the distal section of your index finger, cooked just right. There is just the right touch of sweet, shoe-peg corn. I believe there might be a little finely- chopped celery in there, and some secret seasoning. It is (self) served piping hot in a large, rimmed soup bowl with a soup spoon. It is great as is, but to make it truly extraordinary, sprinkle a little black pepper on top and stir it in. Man, it is so good you will be tempted to go back for seconds and have nothing but the chowder!

Naw, you would not want to miss the succulent, lightly breaded and perfectly fried medium shrimp. The homemade cocktail sauce with horseradish is the perfect compliment. Add a big dollop of their perfect cole slaw and a few home fries and you're all set.

You can pay an awful lot more at a seafood restaurant, but you will not top the items I've listed.

Their fried, Alaskan pollock with their unsurpassed home made tartar sauce (seriously, best I've ever had ANYWHERE) is also one helluva good buy every Friday.

Aunt B's satisfies my seafood hungries completely.

See if you agree.

Oh, yeah, and on Thursdays, from 3:00 to 8:00, they serve small, whole, fried catfish that is really good.

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