Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shutting down Camden NAACP would be a good start!

Kudos to Rev. Cummings for his anti-recidivism project. I hope it will continue.

The need for the NAACP has come and gone.


Anonymous said...

Just like the need for you has come and gone. You're and amazing individual. When you think a issue supports your agenda (anything pertaining to Deborah Hase) you form a opinion about subjects based on nothing. You seem to be using that same mentality in reference to this situation.

Robert Cummings is a CROOK!!! He's is refusing to release his PAST title because he will no longer have a means to still the resources he has/continue to collect under the guise of the NAACP.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Moreno, you know very little of the benefit of the NAACP and you have surely never been a member.

Jay Moreno said...

No, but given your language skills, I'm going to guess that you are and probably feel a desperate need to be.

However, self-sufficient Americans who happen to be of African descent no longer need an orgnaization which once served a legitmate purpose but now exists only to foster an eternal sense of victimhood of and entitlemet to reparations among "woe-is-me" dependent Negroes such as you.

Does Mr. Cummings "still." Who does he "still" from? Where is your proof.