Monday, November 29, 2010

CVB's chairperson, B. "Delta Dawn" Ryan, keeps it in the family.

At the October 25th St. Marys City Council meeting, CVB chair B. "Delta Dawn" Ryan, resplendent in a period chapeau (Neolithic, I think), gave the CVB report to the mayor and council.

The report was given in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, narrated by Delta. She brought a fellow with her to run the projector.

Now, fast forward to this past Tuesday's CVB meeting, chaired by none other than DD. In that meeting, DD informed the board that the fellow who put the PowerPoint presentation together and ran the projector was none other than her very own son.

You're gonna love this! She then informed her board that she had paid her son $500.00 for his work on the PowerPoint ( a task that one can hardly take a college course without having to do nowadays - I had two this semester) and requested that the board vote to reimburse her.

Surprise, surprise! They voted to do just that and the check has been cut! Did Delta Dawn turn it over to the vice chair and recuse herself from the vote? No and no. She voted in favor of reimbursing herself!
Apparently, Keith Post was absent.

But wait - it gets better! Y'all know they are moving into the space vacated by that kayak sales and adventure outfit that was right next to Seagles, right? Well, it turns out that DD and the CVB board  have commissioned Delta's very same multi-talented son to paint a mural on that building. No word yet upon the price to be paid - again from the bed tax - but I'll get that eventually.

Perhaps Cecil B. DeVaught can direct a documentary of the actual painting of the mural.

Needless to say Tom Cyphers, municipal candidate-to-be-, will deliver the Historic Preservation stamp-of-approval for the heroic mural.

I'm sure that other "Camden Commentary" has just been too damned busy going on Topix and praising themselves to bring you this but I'm sure they would have eventually. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Maybe they used their own projector and computer. That would be worth something would not it? If this is true, your little fine town of St Marys is in some fine state of affairs! BTW, I will do it next time for 1/2 that price, including paper copies for all! If this really happened this way, WOW! Maybe we can run and ad and find out if there are people out of work and not on unemployment who be qualified for such a program developed by the city of St Marys. Please say it ain't so!

Jay Moreno said...

Now, dammit, when I e-mailed the link to the mayor and coucil and the media just now, I offered to do Power Points for $400 and you've already undercut me by $150.00!

Can't a guy in a wheelchair get a break?

J. Williams said...

PP my ass, it aint worth 5 bucks. My 13 yr old son uses it all the time in school, any fool can ctrl-c,, ctrl-v all day long with that program,.MS front page, word, ...bla bla. Just another scam to get money. And roll ya ass to the front of the line anytime at aunt b or where ever ya go, its called respect for the handycap.Peace!