Thursday, November 25, 2010

In defence of cowardice.

"In a quest to better explain our reason for anonymity, one of our new friends authored the following:

While we understand that there may be some curiosity as to the members of the group who initiated and are maintaining this site, we feel that, given the contentious and potentially punitive nature of the current atmosphere in St. Marys, it is best that we remain anonymous for the time being. This, alone, is further indication of the political dysfunction of our community – that concerned citizens must consider the ramifications of speaking out. We trust that you will respect our decision."

This statement comes from

Clearly, the insurgent cowards' activities cannot survive the light of day.

Given that the cowards will not step forward, let me state the obvious.

Clearly, the prime suspects are: Alex Kearns & Bob Nutter. Contributors will be the usual anarchistic crazies we've all observed showing their asses in city council meetings and on Topix since the last St. Marys municipal election in preparation for their candidacies in the next one.

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