Friday, September 12, 2008

CCSO top dogs AWOL?

I just heard from a heretofore reliable source that many legitimate law enforcement business phone calls to "upper management" personnel at the CCSO are going unanswered lately. He further reports that deputies are saying that many of the salaried upper ranks - especially those likely to be goners non January 1 - are rarely showing up for work here lately. Any insider confirmation on this. Main Mole?


Anonymous said...

There is a rumor floating around that Smith will not be indicted. The information that the feds have does not give credence to an indictment. Have you guys heard this?

Jay Moreno said...

Definitely not - and I have an exceptionally well plugged-in source.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!! I hope you're right, Jay. How could they send the Jeff Davis Co. sherrif to jaile (for the same thing) and NOT punish Bill Smith?